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Greek Phrase

Useful Greek Phrase ,TPG Travel Page Greece , in this page to you will present Greek phrases that might you help when you decide to make interruptions in Greece in the Greek islands

Ελλδα <=Ellada<= Greece


Good morning  <=kalimEra<= Kαλημρα
Good night  <=kalinIkhta<= Καληνκτα
How are you?  ; <=tI kAnis?<= Τι Κνεις
Very well   <=polI kalA<= Πολ Καλ
Please  <=parakalO<= Παρακαλ
I want  <=thElo<= Θλω
I would like   <=tha Ithela<= θα θελα
I like Greece     <=mu arEsi i elAdha<= Μου αρσει η Ελλδα
Good bye  <=adIo<= Αντο
It (the weather) is cold/hot  / <=kAni krIo/zEsti<= Κνει Κρο/Ζστη
Thank you  <=ephkharistO<= Ευχαριστ
You are welcome  <=parakalO<= Παρακαλ
Going Shopping Πμε για Ψνια
How much does it cost?  ; <=pOso kAni?<= Πσο Κνει
It's expensive   <=Ine akribhO<= Εναι Ακριβ
It's cheap   <=Ine phtinO<= Εναι Φθην
Dress  <=phOrema<= Φρεμα
Trousers  <=pandelOni<= Παντελνι
Shirt  <=pukAmiso<= Πουκμισο
Shoes  <=papUtskh'a<= Παποτσια
Bag  <=tsAnda<= Τσντα

TPG, Travel page Greece
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