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The National Marine Park Zakynthos (N.M.P.Z.) was founded with Presidential Decree, in December 1999. In his limits is found the more important beaches of the creation of the marine turtle Caretta caretta.  Aim of the foundation of N.M.P.Z. is the safeguarding of most important natural heritage and the maintenance of ecological balance the marine and coastal extent, also the islands of the gulf of Laganas and the islands Strofadon, prefecture of Zakynthos, with parallel growth of activities that is harmonised with the protection of nature and landscape in their wider region. Objectives of N.M.P.Z. are the protection and maintenance:

Of the more important beaches of the creation of the marine turtle Caretta caretta. 
Of the biotopes and the population of the
Mediterranean seal Monachus monachus
Of the biotopes of protected species of bird fauna and also of the migratory
Of the biotopes of endemic flora.
Of the coastal and marine types of ecotypes of European and
Mediterranean interest
Of the piscatorial resources and in general the marine ecosystem, so much from the activities in the sea, as from the pollution.
Also, in the objectives is included the growth compatible with the over activities, as:
The tourism and the recreation according to the beginnings of viability
The environmental education - information and the sensitization in the naturalist activities of the public

The safeguarding of traditional uses of (fishery, pasturage, agriculture etc)
The safeguarding of the natural and cultural landscape.

The National Marine Park Zakynthos is the first of this type in Greece, which is managed from Institution of Management and is model for other regions of Greece that need completed management.  The Marine Park includes the marine extent and the islands of the Gulf of Laganas, the beaches of the creation of the marine turtle and an area of ground, that surround these, wetland of Lake of Candle (Keri) and Islands Strofades, which are found 40 roughly miles of southern Zakynthos.  Zakynthos constitutes the more important biotope of creation of the marine turtles in the Mediterranean. It should mark that Greece is the unique European country, in which there were created the marine turtles Caretta caretta. Further, one permanent population is being in danger of disappearance and this is the type of seal Monachus monachus that there is in the western coasts of Zakynthos.  The region of National Marine Park Zakynthos is characterized by various types of ecosystems, National but also European interest, as systems of sub marine’s meadows of Posidonias (Posidonia oceanica) and coastal ecosystems. In them are answered hundreds species of flora and fauna.


Beaches of Zakynthos


The natural beauties of the island, the splendid climate all the time and the special traditional rhythms of the local people attract always a lot of visitors in Zakynthos each year, and that is the reason that there were creating a lot of coastal resorts, in the southern and Eastern coasts, with a lot of hotels and apartments for the increased demand for installations of stay. In Zakynthos you will find each type of tourism, from units of economic tourism up to luxurious hotels groups.The restaurants and the taverns in the island are which are many, cover the international cook and present big variety in local special foods. And if you wish to live the Greek night life, there are a lot of bars, club and disco where you will have fun in the evenings and in your nights and that will keep you up to the other morning. In Zakynthos you will find one of the longer beaches of Mediterranean, that are found in the gulf of Laganas, a beautiful coastal resort in utmost a very green plain . This sandy beach resembles unfinished, with little sand and shallow waters in all her length. The Laganas offers, also, installations for marine sports, from surfing up to ski with parachute, and also, units for dives and sailing. Other splendid beaches of Zakynthos are Argasi, Tsilivi, and the Alykes in the Eastern side and the small but marvellous sandy beach in the Porto roma, inaccessible with car, protected cavity that looks after a shipwreck. Zakynthos is proposed particularly for interruptions, in those who love the fishing, after there a lot of beautiful localities for fishing, as near in the islets Marathonisi and Pelouzo in the gulf of Laganas. In the island you will find, also, installations for tennis, mini golf and riding.


Island Strofades
The islands Strofades are 2 small islets 3 naval miles in the southerners. Strofades have a separate place in the diversity of the Greek nature. It is a most important biotope, passage for millions birds at their emigration, while a lot of other infrequent species choose to pass of these place in order to stay and grow their small kids. The islands are scattered from big value and variety of old discoveries.Constitute a jewel of our cultural heritage, grace in their marvellous Byzantine monastery, monument of 12th century. Here have been recorded roughly 250 species of flora, while their peculiar fauna is supplemented by the permanent presence of the marine turtle and the dolphins. Southern Zakynthos and the islands Strofades constitute important passage and station of many immigratory birds from which very characteristic are the turtledoves (Streptopelia turtur).  In the islands Strofades there is colony of Artemidon Calonectris diomedea.  Are answered also enough species of wild species (Falco eleonorae, Falco subbuteo), seabirds (Calonectris diomedea, Puffinus puffinus), wild ducks, tsalapeteinoi, swallows, gulls etc.

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