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Zakynthos is the southerner and third in extent and population island of Ionian Islands.  The extent of island is 406 square kilometres and the population 35.000 residents.

It is southerly found 8,5 naval miles of Cephalonia, 9.5 miles of westwards Peloponnese and 300 roughly kilometres of westwards capital, Athens.  Her geographic place allows the traveller to visit easily the other islands of Ionian or still to travel to the opposite coast of Peloponnese where the ancient city of Olympia were built and there were the places that the Olympic Fights taken place. 

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 Moreover it is easy, because of her direct transport connection, the communication with the big cities of Greece, Patras, Athens, and Thessalonica.Zakynthos is an Island full of difference, in the bigger part was excluded by low mountains, with low trees and plains. In northern, Eastern and southern her graphic beaches are innumerable, while in the west, in her imposing rocky coasts, take shape a lot of marine caves as the marvellously Light blue Cave in north-western of the island.

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 The climate of Zakynthos is soft Mediterranean with a lot of rains and big sunlight. In this, obviously owes her always-rich vegetation, clue that justifies her characterization "flower of East" (Fior di Levanter) from the Omirus and the Venetians.It is an island with rich rural production, supported mainly in the product of olive, citrus fruits and grape. It has developed enterprising activity, mainly in the sector of tourism, has rich historical tradition and also the island existed for a lot of centuries crossroad of populations and cultures.From the 44 villages of Zakynthos most are having maintained their traditional colour. The tourism was developed progressively and the sensitivity of residents for the environment did not leave the enormous groups to drown the natural beauties of island. Here you will find intermediate and small hotel units, that offer not only all the modern comforts, but genuine hospitality.The Laganas in southern, 11khm from the city, in the plain of island with his sandy beach, assembles  the  bigger  summer  movement.  Cosmopolitan place with hotels, rented rooms, camping, with intense nightly life, is offered as for the "effervescent" visitors as for quiet familiar interruptions. In the extensive beach of Lagana also founded the marine turtle Caretta - Caretta. The Argasi, another developing tourist region, with big sandy beach, is offered for visitors that loves the carefree life day - night. The Kalamaki in southern, a calm coastal centre with a splendid sandy beach, it is an ideal place of recreation for each visitor. The extensive beach with the low sand and the sure waters, in north-eastern of island, becomes pole of attraction for the familiar tourism.  The beach of Alykes locates also the possibility of many marine sports.


At the continuity of beach of Alykes is found the Alikanas, a rapidly developing seasonal centre. Here is believed that had built up the ancient Arcadia, first city of Zakynthos. The beach Planou - Tsilivi in north-eastern of the island distinguishes for the cleanliness of sea, in deed has been rewarded with the blue flag of European discrimination.To the north exist also other tourist developing beaches as the Tragaki, the Kypseli, the Gerakario and other. 16 km south-western from the capital, will find the Basiliko, a stretched out village, with a lot of green and abundant waters, with green properties and gardens, with a lot of dreamed beaches that are offered for all marine sports: the Porto Roma, the agios Nikolaos, the Porto Zoro, but also the Gerakas, one of quiet, protected beaches that used for the reproduction of the turtle caretta - caretta.In the southern point of the island a graphic village, the Keri, reminds old Zakynthos. Built tally, embraced with green hills, with closely paths and a lot of stone houses, it resembles as if it came out from other seasons. The Ionian view from the Lighthouse of Keri is astonishing. With this view each sunset attracts the lucky visitor. The beach of village Limni, is a very rich fishplace. It deserves you visit the around coasts, where you will find certain from the more beautiful caves and arches, as the Kamares. In the visitor that will explore mountains, Zakynthos will reveal another person. Her traditional villages are hidden in forests by pines. Between them the Volimes, three linked traditional settlements, with old houses, the Orconies, the Maries and Kampi near in the taller top of island, are from the most beautiful. From there the visitor can see the entire island and the Ionian Sea as beyond in the Cephalonia. From these villages, the colors of west are unbelievable.Capital and harbour of island, Zakynthos unfolds in their foot of hill under the Castle. Here are saved buildings and mansions, with the characteristic color of ochre. Do not omit to walk to the Strata Marina in the beach,in the eminent Rouga, in the commercial centre with graphic kamares and the central square of Saint Mark that assembles the bigger movement. The region of Mpohalis, under the Castle will charm you with her small, quiet paths and old houses, with courtyards drowned in mpougarinia, with the genuine cafes and restaurants, where is heard the old zakynthian music. Above the Mpohali dominates the Venetician Castle with the splendid overview to the current city of Zakynthos and the sea of Ionian.

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