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Zacharo is a new city which is extended in the south-western department of Province Olympia of Prefecture of Ilia. Today is considered as the biggest city of Olympia. Its population is round the 7000 residents while if we conclude its wider region it approaches the 13000 residents. The capital of Zacharo is named Pirgos and it abstains from Zacharo hardly 32 km, while from Ancient Olympia it is about 25 km. Also it abstains 260 km from Athens via the town of Tripoli and 320 km via the town of Patra. Zacharo was built little afterwards the foundation of Modern Greek State in the southern part of the mountain Lapitha. It is famous due to its fertile ground, the excellent climatic conditions and the incomparable natural beauty. In addition it has high archaeological and tourist interest.
 Zacharo is considered as an important city as it has elected as the economic Centre of the wider region, Arino-Figalias. Its economic growth, allowed the leaders to create appreciable tourist foundation. Concerning its visitors it has the possibility of offering excellent conditions of stay, sustenance and entertainment. Particularly summer vacationer could enjoy the bright sun, sunbathing themselves on the pure coast and swimming in the spotless sandy beach with clean blue waters. Actually, is remarkable the fact that the sea  is rewarded each year from the responsible services of European Union, with the Light blue Flag of Europe. Even the most demanding visitors can find in this awesome region what he seeks by the aspect of pleasant and carefree vacations that will remain to him unforgettable as he will have chosen one of the most beautiful summer resorts.
 If you are one of those who know how to appreciate the natural beauty, then you should visit and enjoy anyway  the ideal natural beauty of the lake of Kaiafa with the rich fish catches and the rare aquatic birds. The lake of Kaiafa, accepts abundant waters of Lapitha and merges with the sea. It appears that it took her name from the judge of Christ because, in its coastal region, had run aground the boat of Kaiafa, when afterwards the trial and wlile he was travelling, he had met tempestuous sea. This lake has the unique advantage that it combines mountain and campaign as well as lake and forest. Enjoy therefore the breathtaking landscapes, plying the oars into this bewitching lake. Also, should not slip your attention the rich piny forest of Strofilias with the rich flora and fauna. A morning walk in the forest, breathing the marine breeze and the clean air certainly will revive you and will change your mood! Moreover Zaharo offers the opportunity to all of you to exploit the therapeutic attributes of medicinal baths in the sources of Kaiafa where the temperature of water approaches the 40o C as well as the flowing abundant potable water, which is considered also as medicinal. These sources have historical importance. It is said that there Kentayros Cheiron hurt by Iraklis washed and cured his wounds! If you seek for others natural therapeutic ways you can also do sand baths in the sandy coast of its beach.  
 If you have keen desire to learn about ancient Greek Culture then the visit of this city will overwhelm you, owing to its high historical importance. Some of the places of interest  that you can visit are the followings: the well-known Ancient Olympia, the exquisite temple of Epikoureios Apollo, the citadel of ancient Samia in Lapitha, the sources of Kaiafa, the pre-historical walls and the temple of goddess Dimitra in Lepreo, the Aipi in Makisto, the ancient temple of goddess Athina in Prasidaki and the vaulted grave of Nestora in the region of Kalidona, the cavern of Anygrida of Nymphs, the aestival palaces of Nestora, and the resort of Olympian Gods, the waterfalls of Neda in the Stomio etc. This city therefore even if is small in extent it combines an admirable history with a divine nature that will fascinate you. .
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