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The village
It is the most important village of the municipality of Elation, province in the northern department of the island, and a lot of acquaintance for the products of local manufacture. You can also reach here from a coastal street in the westerners, or following a way in the interior that you will give the occasion to discover the marvellous forests of Zakynthos. The Volimes, separated in three communities: Down Volimes, Up Volj'mes and Middle Volimes, depend in the same Self-government, and as we said already they are known for the products of local cottage industry with the production of olive oil and honey there coexist the craftsmanship in cottons for the table, embroideries and carpets that are made in the hand at the duration of winter. The importance that has been given in the cottage industry of Volimes, has allowed in Zakynthos to be distinguished in the whole Greece.30 km in south-western from the capital of island is found the cluster of villages Volimes. (up Volimes and down Volimes). The Volimes is one of the better points in order for you to begin your exploration in the northern points of the island with the many caves in the sea and the acquaintance in all Shipwreck. The landscape in the Volimes is graphic and presents big interest because the traditional architecture of the houses. The church of Agias Paraskevis with her remarkable pictures and the pictures with saints is one of the most interesting sightseeings. It deserves you to visit also the monastery of Agiou Andrea, the monastery of Agiou Georgioy of Precipices, the Blue Caves (Light blue Caverns) in the Skinari etc. From the top of the mountain Vrachionas you can enjoy the view to the Cephalonia. Finally, it should be reported that in the region Shipwreck, which is found in the Volimes, is found the most beautiful part of the island with the beautiful and famous beach.

The beach
In the north-western side of the island you will find beaches with clean, crystal, deep waters that surprise you and after they offer a different sentiment of peacefulness and calm. You will find peaceful and small paradises as the Long Seashore (Makri gialo), which is so much popular part that no one does not want to leaves from there.  The Volimes is one of the better points in order for you to begin your exploration in the northern points of the island with the many caves, the Blue Caves, the beach of Long Seashore (Makri gialo), the harbour of Agios Nikolaos or alternative the Skinari and naturally the Shipwreck.The Shipwreck is a unique landscape gone around from white, vertical rocks, rich of vegetation and soft sand that leans in clean waters of Ionian.

How you are moved
In the Volimes there are not offices of renting for motorbikes and cars because they are not equipped for the tourists. There are no buses that would allow daily connection with the capital. The most near village that is served by buses is Agios Nikolaos.

Where to stay.
It should be stressed that the cluster of Volimes is traditional. The economy is based on the livestock-farming, the agricultural cultures and hand-made products. The Volimes is not particularly developed in the tourist sector, consequently there is a limited and concrete number of lodgings.

The shops
The economy of the village is based on the livestock-farming and agricultural products. There are a lot of shops with goods of gifts and souvenirs where you will even find big choice of hand-made objects as unique, beautiful and unique carpets, leather species, bags, miniatures turtles, ceramic, gently made from honey and almonds as nougat and nougat with honey.

The amusement
The night life in the Volimes is quiet and there are not clubs in order for you to go. There are however exceptional taverns and restaurants that offer to you menus and delicious enjoyments from the traditional Greek and zakynthian cook. Certain restaurants and taverns you give the occasion to live a unique experience while you can enjoy tasty, local cook, in combination with live music and traditional dances.

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