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Bartholomio: The municipality of Bartholomio is Capodistric. This Municipality exists after the year 1998, as a result of the conjunction of communities of Bartholomio, of Lygia, of Machou, of Dimitra and of Kalivia. The seat of Municipality is Bartholomio.  Before the age of Fragocracy, Bartholomio was named Baltochori (Marshland) or Batrachochori (village with frogs) from the locality that was full of lakes with bayou with ranunculida. During this Fragkocracy (1204-1430) Baltochori or Batrachochori took the name Bartholomio from the Franc of knight Bartholomeos the Second that was dominated on this region.
The tradition says therefore that some day when Franc the knight Bartholomeos came out on tour in his immense fief, during his tour met one beautiful girl, that was herding light-hearted the sheep of her bondservant father in the green  plain. Dazzled from her beauty, the knight asked: what is your name my girl and where is your village? And she responded: My name is Lygia and the deep gorge is my village, answered coward and in fears the beautiful shepherdess. Thus therefore after the knight took the information that he wanted for the girl, he called her father and asked the woman to be his wife. It was a great honour, could her father deny? Later the place where the knight saw his love for first time was named Kardiokafti. The day of their marriages, was big the enthusiasm of the bondservants of the residents of this region. The knight was pleased a lot and he gave away big extents of ground in order to be cultivated by their residents on behalf of their selves. Then the residents from gratitude renamed “Baltochori” to Bartholomio in honour to their big benefactor. Later the knight took other woman with big dowry from fiefs and the chance of beautiful Lygia has lost in the dark years of Frangocracy.
In a very close distance (roughly 1,5 kilometres) is found the settlement of Brana. Bartholomio is connected with the road axis of Patrases - Pirgos via the village of Gastoyni. Also there is an alternative road way that connects it with the main urban centres of the region. Entering from the road axis Gastoyni-Bartholomiou you will meet the grandiose church of Virgin Mary and crossing the market you will pass the central square with the many hangs-out, cafeterias and shops.
Continuing you can  reach at the square of Saint John with the homonym beautiful temple that after the earthquakes of the year 2002 was repaired and shows as if it did not suffer a tiny damage. At length of the vertical streets there are shops enterprises and services. as well two Municipal schools, two kindergartens, two day nursery, a High school, a Lyceum and the Musical School of Bartholomio that was founded in 1997. Also you can find easily banks, regional surgery and centre of service of Citizens. The municipality allocates bus for the transport of students of all schools. An other road axis connects the city with the harbour of Kyllini. Bartholomio has four very beautiful beaches that assemble a lot of visitors during summertime: the beach of Thines, the beach of Arkoudi, the beach of Glifa and the beach of Kalivia named Bouka.
Generally speaking, all beaches of the region of Bartholomio are found between the beach of Amaliada and the beach of Kastro. The road network is comfortable and is improved continuously.

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