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This is the capital of Arkadia and is situated on the Mantinea plateau, on the foothills of mountain Mena-los, at the center of Peloponnisos, at an altitude of 650m. The city was founded sometime at the end of the 14th century and the geographical position at this strategical point casted the city a desirable location for Greeks and Ottomans and for every concurrer that passed by. The short period of time Tripoli was under Venetian command (1475- 1685) it flourished, as the Venetians acted cleverly and made the city atrading center. When the Ottomans took command, the stone ages came back. The small resistance the Greeks organised in 1770 was harshly puni-shed. The Ottomans slaughtered almost every Greel inhabitant and fortified the city building a wall that had seven gates and thirteen towers. In 1807 the son of Ali Pasas Ioanninon brought an army of 12000 who settled here and Tripolitsa became the mightest Ottomanic base in Greece. In the 23rd September in 1821, seven months after the beginning of the Revolution, Theodoros Kolokotronis, Petros Mavromihalis and Yiatrakos Ypsilantis, beleaguer-mented the city. Many of the rich inhabitants purchased their safe exodus. The city was taken by the Greeks who slaugtered the remaining Ottomans. That was a very important day for the outcome of the Revolution. The Otto-mans began fearing more and more. There is a sculpture of Theodoros Kolokotronis nowadays standing in the central square. Visit the archeological Museum which exhibits findings of every era, Neolithic to Hellenistic, from Sakovuri and Kamenitsa locations, Post Mycenean from Gortyna and Geometrical from the Mantinea cemetary. Visit the War Museum with exhibits from the Revolution and the World War Two. The Mitropolis of Agios Vasi-lios (builted on a location that an Ottomanic temple was standing), the Areos square, which is a reformed Ottoma-nic palace. Don’t miss to visit the house of the poet Kostas Karyotakis (1896- 1928), who left a great work behind and killed himself, leaving a note in his pocket. He cauterized the bureaucracy. Tripoli is a modern city with rich history.

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