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Thrake, Chosen by the Gods ...


 and by the birds that are its oldest inhabitants and Thrace’s most faithful tourists. For besides the birds that make their home in Thrace, there are also those that rest there on their long voyage north or south, depending on the season.

It’s natural they would prefer Thrace, the land of Orpheus who played his lyre, singing the praises of Dionysos and taming the wild beasts. At the delta of the Evros and Nestos rivers, in the forests of Dadia and Rhodope, there are refuges for some of the rarest birds of prey in Europe, eagles and falcons, but where pelicans and flamingos, woodpeckers and herons also find sanctuary.

Hunted in other regions of the world, the birds, which always brought to man messages from the gods, chose Thrace. With its majestic mountains, its age-old gods whose sanctuary still stands on Samothrace, and its dark, unexplored forests, Thrace seems divine, filled with mystery and surprises, with forgotten Byzantine monasteries and ancient theatres along with friendly villages and exquisite rivers.

There, free, protected by Greek laws and international treaties, the birds may live as they did thousands of years ago, amongst gods and men. Surely, it was no mistake to select Thrace as one of their last real sanctuaries.

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The region of Thrace forms the northeasternmost corner of Greece and is virtually untouched by mass tourism.One of the most outstanding features of its landscape are the wetlands made by the big rivers that cut through it the Evros and the Nestos. Its antiquities date from the Paleolithic era with the appearance of the first Thracian tribes to the period of Roman domination (2nd and 3rd century B.C.), when its civilization reached its peak.

Today Thrace can be considered as a link between East and West as elements of both cultures are reflected in its way of life, customs and architecture. Administratively, the region is divided into three prefectures – Xanthi, Rhodope and Evros, which includes Samothrace, one of the most northerly islands in the Aegean.


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