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Sparti: This is the capital of Laconia. Situated on the right bank of river Evrotas, having southwest mountain Tayge- tus and on the east the mountainchain of Parnonas and surrounded by the fertile lowland, Sparti is the town that along with Athens created the two most important city social models of the ancient world, city models that centuries ahead were going to be used as the basis of modern civilazations. Sparti has rich history and we find references in Greek my- thology and in Homer’s Iliada and Odyssea as one of the most powerful mycenean kingdoms and base of Menelaos, brother of Agamemnon. Sparti organised the crusade against Troy. Round 1100BC the Mycenean civilazation collapsed, Dorians and Myceneans mixed and formed roynd the 7th century BC the Lykourgos society and its laws. The society was consisted of three layers of people. Slaves, free people and soldiers(but even the slaves in ancient Sparti had respect and rights). Spari had always been a nation (At that time the city was considered nation)of soldiers. Up to the 5th century BC, Messinia, Arcadia and Argos belonged to Sparti after harsh battles. Suring the Persian war, Sparti didn’t take part at the battle of Marathonas, but Leonidas and his 300 soldiers held the thousands of Persians at the narrow point of Thermopyles,dispeopling them and not allowing them to proceed, in what history characterised one of the most devastating battles in the world. The battle lasted three days, (480BC) and the Spartians fell obeying to the unwritten law that said never abandon the battle-field. From 431BC to 404BC Athens and Sparti engaged them- selves to what was called the Peloponnesean War. Thoukididis is the historian who tells us all about this war. In the years to follow Sparti will begin collapsing and its glory will fade as the Romans will spread.The Spartians were cruel, harsh, persistant and proud people, but also great warriors and clever minds. During the Middle Ages Sparti was just an agricultural region and the habitants moved towards Monemvasia for safety. Among the sites you don’t want to miss seeing in Sparti is the dome tomb of Vafios, which is the biggest tomb that was found in Laconia. It was excava- ted during the 19th century in the lowland of Evrotas,belongs to the mycenean era and has a round shape (diametre 10,2m) with a corridor (29,8m long) leading to the room in which was found the two known golden cups exhibited in the National Archeological Museum of Athens from 1500BC, two golden rings, golden and silver pins, war weapons, golden and silver pots. The baths of Arapisa in Magoula, in the northwest of Sparti, which is a complex of baths of the Roman era. It has very impressive walls and architecture.

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