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   The Chora, the capital of Skyros, is found in the north-eastern department of the island and abstains 11 km from Linaria, the main harbour of the island. it is a very beautiful city, with traditional architecture, its own identity and physiognomy that charms whoever visit it. It is built amphitheatrically' in the sides of a hill, in the top of which dominate the Byzantine castle and the abbey of Saint George.
   The region of castle is inhabited continuously by the antiquity until today. Each historical period has left its traces in order to remind to the visitors the past.
   A walk in narrow roads of the settlement of Chora will fills you with pictures of traditional islander life. A characteristic of the people of Skyros is their faith in the tradition and in the customs of their ancestors.
   In Chora you can also see many churches small or bigger and graphic .Some of them are dated by the years of Byzantium. The faith of the people of Skyros is impressed in most of the 250 churches that exist in the whole island. From those that are found in the city  it deserves to visit the temple of Arhondopanagias, in which  through the older years were worshipped the rich ones of the country, the Virgin Mary the Eleimonitria, the Virgin Mary of Theodor, the Taxiarchs, etc. Also worth visiting the Byzantine castle that dominates in the top of the hill. It is built in the place of the ancient Acropolis. According to the tradition on the top of this hill was built the palace of the Homeric king Likomides.
   The entrance of the castle is decorated by a marble lion extremely impressive! Inside of the walls of the castle is built the church of Virgin Mary which is dated by the offset of 9th century. At the same position was located the temple of Athena.
   Nearby the castle it is found also the abbey of the Agios Georgios, which was founded the 962 by the Emperor Nikiforos Fokas. In the interior of the temple are saved exceptional murals.
   As well you can go up in the hill of the Castle and apart from the important Byzantine monuments, admire the panoramic view. In the northern side of Chora you will see the square of Freedom or Brook. There is also the statue of the English poet Robert Brook that was killed in 1915 in Skyros.
   At your stay in the Chora you do not miss to visit the Archaeological museum of the island, where you can see remarkable findings of the excavations at Palamari and other places of the island.
   Through its exhibits is presented the rich cultural tradition of the island. This house is decorated with homemade furniture that are famous for their particular technique and the most excellent quality, impresses each visitor. The household effects, the textiles', the embroideries, the ceramic, local costumes, all reveal the refined gusto and the innate elegance that always characterized the people of Skyros.
   In the north-eastern utmost of the city is found the eminent mansion of family Faltaitch that today accommodates the Folklore Museum of Manos Faltaitch.
   In the region of Palamari in distance of 12 km north-western of Chora, relics of a pre-historic settlement were discovered. And in the region of Markesi in distance of 2 km from the archaeological space were discovered carved graves.
   The nearest beaches to the Chora are Molos and the Magazia, that their settlements are considered as the suburbs of the city. With starting line the Chora you can easily approach in the most popular beaches of island. The Chora is one of the most developed tourist regions of Skyros. There function hotels, rented rooms, restaurants and taverns, cafeterias and bars for your evening exits and abundance of commercial shops for your purchases. You‘d better prefer the homemade ceramic and wooden decorative.

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