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Skyros is the southern island of the Sporades, a Greek archipelago in the Aegean Sea. Skyros is located between the islands of the North Sporades, and the neighbourng island of Evia. The landscape of Skyros is the perfect combination of sea and mountains, where the green and colors blend together perfectly.
It is a picturesque and unique island with magic crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea, is one of the most charming and beautiful island of Greece. It seems to be the largest of Sporades, and has a population of about 3,000 residents. Skyros is one of the municipalities that are not part of any provinces in Greece.If you will choose to visit this place in your holidays it is a certainty that it will get you satisfied as you will have the opportunity to experience a traditional and authentic Greek island. In old days (around the 2nd century before Christ and slightly later), the island was known as The Island of the Magnetes where the Magnetes used to live and later Pelasgia and Dolopia and later Skyros.
On Skyros lived heroes such as Achilles, Lycomedes, Neoptolemos, while Theseus met his tragic end here. During the centuries all the societies that existed on Skyros have left their mark, where even today, through the art, traditions and the customs of Skyros, the influences of these societies are visable for all to see.
In northern half of the island are a variety of towns, villages and hamlets, each one with its own beauty and charm.
At Skyros you will have the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful and famous beaches through all Greece. For example there stands the long sandy beach that stretches across the coastal towns of Molos and Magazia.. Other stunning sandy beaches can be found all over the island.
The diversity of the scenery on Skyros is vivid. In Pouria there is wild and rocky scenery, while in Atsitsa the pine trees reach all the way down to the sea. In the southern part of Skyros, which is rocky and mountain like, the Skyrian Horses used to live free and wild. These unique horses are the trade mark of Skyros, and are considered as protected species.
Additionally, there are many churches and monasteries located all over the island. Some of the most famous are the monastery of Agios Georgios above the town of Chora, as well as the small chapels you will find on all corners of the island.
This beautiful island is found almost in the centre of Aegean. It is the biggest in size island of Sporades and most impressive thanks to his intense oppositions. The northern department of island is overgrowth in green while in southern rocky. From the one side are the serene green landscapes and from the other side is the wild and imposing beauty that composes a dreamed scene of the vacations of the adorers of nature. The imposing Chora with the Byzantine Castle, the graphic settlements, the splendid sandy beaches and spotless waters, will fascinate you.
The tourist infrastructures of the island satisfy the needs of the visitors. In Chora and in the coastal regions, function hotels and settlements of rented apartments that provide the holidaymakers with all the comforts. Don’t miss to taste the traditional foods of Skyros. Try the recipes from fresh fishes and seafoods, as well as the local meat and cheeses. Even if Skyros is not famous for its vivid nightly life, the occasions for amusement will be available for you. You will have an unforgettable time if you choose to entertain yourself in the bars and in centres with live music. To Skyros you will go by speedboat from Kymi of Evia. Skyros also has at its disposal an airport. Daily are realised flights from the airport of Spata to the airport of island that abstains 11 km from Chora.
In Skyros live the smallest cobs of the world. The famous cobs of Skyros, belong to one of the natives breeds of horses of Greece. This breed was developed at the ancient years in the mountainous and southeastern side of Skyros, but also in other islands of Aegean and in regions of Attica. Environmental, social and economic conditions that prevailed always in Skyros, allowed to it to survive till our days. Of course, in its travel of many centuries it was forced to be adapted in the environment of the island, so that its physique minimized comparatively always to the ancient years. This infrequent species of horse that is met only in Skyros has included itself in regulation EEC 2078/92 regarding the maintenance of infrequent species of rural animals. Their population has decreased itself too much. Forty years ago existed in the island roughly 2000 horses. Today in Skyros live roughly 150 horses of this infrequent race.
These horses are suitable to be ridden by children because of their physique and their good character. The older years they were used, at the summer months, as threshers while in the winter period they remained freely in the Mountain, in the southern part of island, in order to breed. With the mechanisation of agriculture the cobs passed on the fringe and were displaced. Thus, began also the progressive reduction of their population. Today, most of the horses live freely in the region Vouno (Mountain) where exists the customary law of free use of pastureland of total extent 35.000 acres.
Skyros has tradition in the pottery, the woodcarving and textile art. These arts according to the popular tradition were created in the island by need. The great dishes of Skyros, the hand-made small furniture and the embroideries with the strict geometric drawings are the heritage that received the newest and that is demanded to be continued. Their compositions are inspired from the nature. There are however and certain subjects that we meet only in the art of Skyros. For example, hoopoe, the boat and the oath, the embroidery with the strict geometrics drawings which implementation is particularly complex and difficult.


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