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The Virgin Mary of Pirgos
Narrow paved with slabs uphill back street that is interrupted each so much from half landing and steps belts the neighborhoods, enormous bougainvillea embrace balconies and white walls and courtyards.
Nowadays the residents of Skopelos dare to adorn the frames of their houses with green, light blue, blue and emeralds colours, even red on a door or a balcony.
The Abbey of Evangelistic
Highly on a mountain of Easternly Skopelos (Palouki) is found the holily Abbey Evangelism of Virgin Mary.
The foundation and its bloom are connected immediately with the big family of Daponte. Apart from the testimonies of a scholar monk of Skopelos, there is no other written source rescued in order to enhance our information for the foundation and the renovation of monastery.
Interest presents also the fretwork temple of the catholic. In the abbey is found and saved the Patriarch signet of 1804 with two leaden seals of abbey. For the habitants of Skopelos intense existed the presence of the holy monk Prokopios with the ascetic life the gentleness and his humble profile. In the abbey exists a chapel dedicated in the protector of seafood Saint Nikolaos. Today in the Abbey live two nuns that are always willing and kind-hearted to open the heavy door to the visitor and offer cold water and delights and tour them in holy faldstool for benediction. In the street for the monastery satisfy your thirst with water of the source at Metochi
The Abbey of Saint Riginos.
 The Abbey of Saint Riginos is found a few kilometres away from Scopelos, to Southwestern. It was built in 1728 as also indicates the marbled sign, height 0,34 and width of 0,37 metres that was found in the past in the entry of Abbey. The oldest Abbey is a building of Byzantine years as testify the existing architectural members of the temple.
The cells are found in the Southwestern corner and are henceforth devastated. In the western side is found the grave of the Bishop Riginos of Scopelos, which testified the 362 after Christ. It is a sarcophagus made by stone, which is dated the 4th century after Christ. Behind from the Temple are found items of columns emanating from ancient temple of Dorian rhythm. Near to the Abbey it exists a drinking fountain, which supplies the Abbey with water. Into the cells of the Abbey are conserved old pictures from the "catholic" part and ancient heirlooms. The Abbey of Saint Riginos today belongs to the Municipality of Scopelos.
The Holily Abbey of Honest Prodromos
 This Abbey is found hardly 300 metres away from Saint Barbara. It is a dear Monastery of all local people with its kind-hearted nuns that still attend the monastery. It was renovated from the foundations in 1721 under the holy monk Fjlaretos as reports the sign in its entry. The catholic of Abbey of Prodromos is of the same type with the catholic of Metamorphosis that is cruciate with unique difference the existence of two spaces in the sides such as in “Agio Oros”. It has fretwork, gold-filled, high chancel with rich decor of vines-shoot, birds, and animals and 15 icons with the big feasts.
Important are also the pictures of Abbey that are dated on 16th, 17th and 18th century after Christ. In the bank of Abbey exist mural relative with the foundation of the Abbey. In the alcove is pictured the “obsecration”and at both sides of this the Saint Charalampos and the Filaretos the holy monk and Owner. As you take the coastal road that leads to monasteries with monumental value, initially you will meet the holily abbey of Metamorphosis of Savior. The monastery of Savior, as it is called at Scopelos, was built in the end of the 15th and in beginning of 16th century
The monastery is a glebe of the Abbey of Xenofondas at “Agio Oros”. With the concern and benediction of abbot Alexis it opens its door in every visitor of island that loves God, from April up to the ends of November, as is ministered with the hospitable presence of the thrifty of the abbey of Xenofondas, the priest Dionysus. The archaeological research considers the monastery as one of the most ancient islands. Characteristic element of the abbey is the catholic (temple) as is a copy of the architecture of Agio Oros, it is a sign of influence of Athonas in the past years in the island of Scopelos.
In the interior exists the appreciable old chancel a work of 16th century, with plant decor without rolled gold or colorations. The pictures are also of the same period and some of them are work of the eminent Byzantine hagiographer that is Agorastos. At your visit in the monastery, you will observe that is constituted by two wings with the guest quarters, the guest rooms, the cookshop and the cells of the nuns. In the northern wing are found in castellated building, the chapels of Saint Ioannis the Theologian and of the immense Brigadiers. In the Eastern side is erected the tower of abbey, which was used as observatory and protected the monks in times of raids from the pirates.
In the days of feasts but also each Sunday is taken place the Divine Service (in other abbey of island is not taken place the Divine Service), while the period of the fifteen of August is chanted the Appealing Rule in honor of Virgin Mary. On 6 August the Abbey celebrates with magnificence the biblical event of the Metamorphosis of Savior. The eve of 5 August is chanted the Great Evening with "night-watch " as report the people of Skopelos with the traditional treat at the end. The day of feast is read the wish for the benediction of grapes, and is shared grapes in the pilgrims.
In the street that leads outside from the city to the southwestern side, in a distance of 10 minutes, you will meet also the chapel of Saint Ioannis the baptizer. This small temple, is a glebe of the abbey, and celebrates on 29 August. If you happen to be there in the eve, 28 August, you will enjoy the evening sequence, and the traditional treats of the people of Skopelos. The very beautiful Abbey of Saint Barbara the spring 1999 Saint Barbara alcazared regarding the appearance is found near in the in a feminin way Abbey of Honest Precursor. Contrary to the Abbey of Precursor that is lived by the nuns Saint Barbara is uninhabited.
The catholic and the very tall walls of the grounds are maintained in their initial form however the cells are later manufactures. The date of manufacture of Monastery is not known, however a marbled sign that was found it brings the year 1697 but it is more likely that this sign is reported to the chronology of the repair of catholic and not in the construction of the Temple.
The abbey of Saint Barbara
The ground plan of catholic that is in form T, the heavy proportions that are observed and the segregation of three parts of Temple of Abbey according to the responsible archaelogists of 7th Inland Revenue of Byzantine antiquities, they lead to the conclusion that the Temple is much older. The drawing of Abbey constitutes exception concerning other Temples of Scopelos. It belongs in the cruciate registered type but the proportions of the cupola are heavy.
The fretwork, gold-filled chancel that adorns the Abbey is much more older than the reported chronology that was found in the marbled sign. On its top is found the Big Cross and under from this in parallel orders the Big Obsecration, vine-shoot, the 21 icons of thebig feasts under arcs, vine-shoot with the 12 prophets and the Virgin Mary in the middle and in the end the icons of the chancel.
Historical monuments
 the historical monuments of Scopelos are enough, however are not also so much easily accessible neither organised as it would be supposed. You have the opportunity however to combine beautiful walks, with the searching of these places such as for example the carved piratical graves in chests in the Karya that is located in the interior of the island.
The piratical graves in the chests
 You will reach there from the earth-road to the Karya where is also found the source with the best water of the island. You will find a lot of indicative signs. Suddenly the street stops, you can leave the car or your motorcycle aside and follow the various red marks that will be found on the Stones next to the narrow path that leads to the graves, then you will reach in the chests. From there you can see Alonissos, Evia, Skiathos and the Pilio! If it has very good weather itoy can also see Chalkidiki and the Olympus!
The Venetian Castle of Scopelos
 The Venetian castle of Scopelos is found in the place of the most ancient settlement of the island, the Peparitho. It constitutes a united department with the remainder country of Scopelos. The Castle is visible from each point of the country. You will lead yourselves there going up the steps from the Panagitsa of Tower to the end of Harbour. Today it has not only archaeological but also tourist interest as on its top you meet George Hintaris who is one of the last ones of slang music.
The Bishopric of Scopelos
 The group of Bishopric, with the royal church in its interior, is a venetian building, was intended to be the seat of the Bishop of Scopelos, remained however semifinished due to the raid of pirate Barbarosa (1538). Was founded in the ends of 16th century - beginnings 17th century, above in the ruins of the big three dimensioned Byzantine Royal, which was built above of it in the ruins of paleochristianic temple that with its turn had been built on an ancient holy as unfortunately got used to make then.
The Natural Beauties of Scopelos
 the natural beauties of the island and the picturesqueness of its landscape are two of the most characteristic elements of Scopelos. There are very beautiful localities and each one is tied up with a history and with a tradition.
The chapel of Saint John in Kastri
The chapel of Saint John in Kastri looks like it has reached until here from the remote Meteora and has linked itself with a band of ground with the Scopelos You will fill with awe when you will first see it and admiration when you will mountain on the top of the graphic chapel by the steps that it ashlared by its sides
There are also others however elements that compose a unique natural environment. That is the very beautiful beaches, caves, sources with the gargled water and many others.. In the Notherners Sporades the nature is unique as it combines in a unique way the green of the mountains with the light blue of the seas and the sky. Dolphins, seals, infrequent birds and species of plants found in this corner of Aegean a shelter, there you will find also your own shelter.
In the northern Scopelos you will find the most outstanding beaches of Scopelos. If you reach in the island by ship or rent boat you will have the chance to swim in splendid deserted beaches while by car, motorcycle or the bus that makes continuously itineraries between Scopelos and Glossa you will find at the immense Milia the small Antrines, at magnificent Kastani, Hovolo, Ljmnonari, the Stafilo and Velanio, one of the most beautiful beaches of the island that continue assembling the unregretted nudists and those that can deal with walking.

In the unique Panormo the swimming during the nightfall is an unforgettable experience as you have the impression that you swim in a river with golden waters while the sun is lost in the depth of the horizon

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