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Chora, the capital of the island that is built amphitheatrically in the northeastern side of harbor and maintains the same place and name from the ancient years. Here, strikes the heart of entire the island, as Skiathos does not have villages! As long as strange as if heard the Country is the unique settlement of island. The coastal settlements were created the last years with the explosion of building activity in the sector of tourism. Thus, near in the more beautiful beaches of island were manufactured modern hotel units, groups of rented rooms, shops, restaurants and cafeterias that gave life, in up to then deserted coasts.
The life in the city of Skiathos follows intense rhythms that characterize each modern busy resort of recreation. In the architectural layout of city, which was built around in 1830 in the place of Old City, dominates the traditional islander style, with obvious however the influences from the architecture that characterizes Pilio. Small white houses with tile roofs, balconies and small courtyards with colourful flowers compose the traditional neighbourhoods of Skiathos. Walking in paved with slabs alleys the city is revealed the unique beauties.
In the entry of harbor the small Peninsula of Mpourtzi separates the harbour of Skiathos in two. In the new - commercial harbor and old in which stay the caiques that make around the island and the yachts. Around them are built amphitheatrically the districts of the city.
In the road “Papadiamantis”, as is said the central street of the city, and in around narrow, is focused the commercial movement. Here you will find abundance of shops from which you will buy souvenirs and gifts that will remind you for good this island.
Round the old harbourage found the most taverns of city, in which you will try traditional recipes, you will eat fresh fishes and local meat. While, in the coastal road from the side of new harbour are found assembled most big club, bar and centres with live music.
Walking around the Chora you will meet also its historical churches. Particular architectural interest presents the metropolitan temple of Three Hierarchs. Here you will see the miraculous picture of Virgin Mary. In the above neighbourhood of the capital is found the church of Virgin Mary of Limnias that was founded in 1838 and it is dedicated in the birth of Virgin Mary. You will also see the carriage of Alexandros Papadiamanti.
In one of the three tops of the hill where is extended the city, is built the church of Saint Nikolaos with the eminent clock
Additionally you may take a romantic walk in Mpourtzi and see the small verdant peninsula that separates the harbour of Skiathos in two. In the entry of Mpourtzi is found the bust of Alexandros Papadiamantis. Skiathos existed for the big writer his muse. His most work is full of the pictures of island.
On the green all around peninsula you will see the ruins of Venetian fortress, of Kastelos of Saint George that built the brothers Gkizi in 1207 when they occupied the island, and the old municipal school that was built with donation of Andreas Sygros and that today functions as Cultural Centre of the Municipality.
Also, in Mpourtzi functions cafeteria in which you will drink your coffee and will enjoy the splendid view.
You can visit the house of Alexandros Papadiamanti that functions as museum. In this house was born, lived and died our important writer. It is maintained -thanks to the cares of municipality in very good situation. His arrangement remains as it was on his days and it includes many of the furniture and the personal objects of Papadiamantis. You will see the bed, the office and his inkhorn, in manuscript and a lot of photographs and unpublished publications of the writer.
It deserves to report that from Skiathos came also Alexandros Moraitis, our one still important man of letters, who was a cousin of Papadiamanti.
You will walk in devastated Kastropoliteia. The castle is found in the northern point of the island and it was capital of Skiathos up to 1830 when the residents decided to reconstruct the old city that unfolded round the harbour. The castle literally hangs above the sea, while is built above in an enormous rock. Its natural fortification provided protection and safety in the residents the difficult periods of piratical raids.
Then a mobile wooden bridge linked it with the land. Today cementitious scales that lead to the gate of the fortress have replaced it.
In its interior existed roughly 300 houses and 30 churches. Unfortunately are today saved only three churches that is the temple of Christ, Saint Nikolaos and Saint Marina

As the night falls Skiathos is transformed Regarding the night life there are a lot of clubs where you can enjoy yourselves till the morning. Apart from clubbing there are also various
cultural events, musical concerts, theatrical representations, projections of cinematographic films and nights with traditional dances and songs are also proposed.
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