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Sivota or Mourtos
SIVOTA ,Paradise
"Small paradise" is a characterization that is often heard for this region. The Sy'vota have been rendered one of the most popular destinations of Thesprotia, charm in their infrequent natural beauty and their even tourist infrastructures. They are found built in the homonym bight and abstain roughly half hour from the Igoumenitsa. Precisely is opposite found cluster from small Greek islands with rich vegetation: Bella Vraka, Saint Nikolaos kaj Black Mountain. The limited in extent settlement of Sivota they frame fascinating beaches, as the Bella Vraka, the Big sand, the Zavia, the smal Paradise, the Frensh sea sand k.a. Sivota they are already known from the season of Thoukididi, that him reports as the field of historical naval battle of the 433 pH. between Corinthians and Kerkyrian. Up to 1959 they were named Murto, from the name of pirate that at the delivery had installed in the islets his den. The region has acquired her own glamour and attracts each summertime crowd of visitors from all the world. Despite their cosmopolitan air however, the Sivota accomplished they maintain intact their natural beauty, limiting the human intervention in the landscape, that constitutes really stolj'dj of Ionian Islands Tourist infrastructure Apart from the apara'mjlli natural beauty, the Sivota allocate most excellent tourist installations and they offer crowd of choices, that will satisfy also the most exigent visitor. At least twelve hotels, most with view in the sea, you wait for, while corresponding is also the number of rented rooms. Also it functions also camping. Crowd from restaurants and taverna'kja you will find in the beach, while your clubs and mpara'kja they aspire "they fill" nights. It deserves finally we report the even organised Marina of Murto, where each summertime they tie up calamigoj' and yachts from all the world. Travel in the time We go up in the Castle koytsi, that is built in fortified place of 300 metres roughly, above the bight of neighbouring Platarias, and we meet the ruins of pana'rhajoy settlement that perjstojhj'zetaj from wall of thickness of 3,5 m. the wall have been manufactured with blocks of stone armologime'noys with big virtuosity. All the space is surrounded from imposing medieval tej'hi. Southly-eastern we meet the abandoned traditional settlement of Vrachona. Most houses are two-storied and are characterized by their graphic vaulted roofs. All are manufactured from Stone and are dated by the 18th-19th century. The visit in the settlement is sure that you "it travels" in other seasons. Seldom we will find monuments from so much different phases of history in one and alone place, specifically in deed when they are framed harmoniously by the perfection of natural beauty. What you will make the bathroom and marine spor in the katapra'sjnoys creeks and in the golden sandy beaches of region she is only one of your choices. If you like the campaigns, you can enjoy a cruise with yacht in neighbouring coasts of Ionians. From the harbour of Murto you can also metavej'te in the Corfu, in the Parga or in their Paxi. If you like the action and the adventure, then the daily excursions that are organised in the Gorge of Aheronta for rafting-cayak they are what you searched. Also you can attempt a ascent in the Souli from the scale of Tzavelenas, where you will meet also other mageytjke's natural beauties. The ascent lasts roughly 6 hours.
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