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The village Sidari is found in north-westernly of Corfu in a hilly region. What renders the village a destination that causes the tourist interest is the Channel of Love. This village has remarkable dimensions, it is developed in the sea and it has various beaches to use for divings. Initial the villages were two, of small dimensions linked between them with the beach at the length of which later built various buildings linking the 2 villages in one. Part dear of the English for the night life and because it is busy for young persons it allocates all the useful services for the tourists such as lodgings, shops, and means of transport and even organised excursions.
Sidari is a big tourist region which is developed enough and in this village belongs more from one beach. The main beaches are 3 one of which is the Channel of Love. The remainders two are: first is sandy with big length, very tourist, the other is a small and a beautiful gulf opposite in which there is rocky shaping. This second is sure more exclusive. The Channel of Love is a beach very separate and is described in many tourist guides as the one of the ten beautiful beaches of the island. In order to reach in this beach you should pass the village and you go to Peroulades and in the right of you, you will find clues that indicate the Channel.
Sidari is connected with the city of Corfu, Roda and other villages through buses that have daily itineraries. You can still rent cars, jeep, motorbikes or bicycles in order to move from your own independent in the island

Sidari is a village of big dimensions that offers various solutions of lodgings of all kinds and for each need as hotels, apartments and studios.
There are a lot of shops that works in Sidari such as supermarkets, confectioneries, shops with souvenirs, jewellery shops, travel agencies and a lot of others.
For the evening you can choose between Greek taverns or in restaurants with international cook or you can hear music in various pubs and clubs. A lot of shops remain openly up to late and you allow making evening shopping… The day except from the activities that there are in the beach are realised excursions to the Diapontia islands and Paxous to the region of Palaiokastritsa or to Albania. You can still make excursions with the horse or dives.
Typology:  white sand in the big beach and darker in small
Dimension:  the beaches are two, one small near in the Little harbour and one big enough in Eastern of the village Sidari 
Equipment:  there are many relaxing beds and umbrellas in the big beach 
Activities: are rented boats bicycles of sea and canoe. Still there is a diving centre for dives and the possibility of making marine sports, as marine ski, banana and rings 
Restaurants:  near in the beaches there are a lot of bars, pumps and restaurants
Description:  the Sidari is a developed tourist region.
The main beaches are 3, one of them is the Channel of Love that we distinguished for particular characteristics. The other two are: first that is tourist, big enough and with sand and the other a small gulf opposite from which there are rocks that have become spoil because of the wind. The last one is sure most peculiar than the two others.
Sidari is one of the most upgraded regions in tourist level of northern coast of Corfu, occupies a big gulf and has various beaches in a space very well equipped. Sidari enters with excellently in the Top Ten locations category for the famous Channel of Love, is masterpiece of sea and wind that with the passage of time created in the Sidari a landscape of ethereal beauty, perhaps unique in the Mediterranean. The Channel of Love in the Sidari constitute from a line from rocky shaping that are extended in the sea, creating certain small creeks that you can reach to there with narrow streets and paths and steps, a good of channel is that it has crystal waters. The rocks that shape the Channel of Love of Corfu, because their fragile composition, allowed with the passage of the time in the sea, but basically in the erosive action of wind, to make curves, growing up the channel from the under. We consult you to try a beautiful bathroom with mask and flippers in order to discover all the caves that are found at the length of the channel. The name ' Channel of Love ' emanates from a fable that said that the pairs that will swim from the top of the line to the other top will always remain in love from each other.
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