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We first listen about Preveza in the "Chronicle of Morias" in 1292. The city was created in the end of the 12th century after the desolation of Nikopolis (in 11th century). In the 1499, the Venetian admiral Bartholomew the Pezaro manufactured the fortified naval station and a big part of settlement, occupying then the city, which was delivered in 1530 with treaty again in the Turks, up to the 29 Sept. 1684, therefore was occupied by the Venetians. At the duration of the Venetian-Turks war (1684-1718), in the 1700, the city was destroyed perfectly, and the 60 families that were saved resorted to the neighbour island Lefkada. With the treaty of Pasarovits of (21 July 1718) the city was delivered finally in the Venetians and starting lived there initially many families by the undercover of eight chieftains from the Akarnania (Digonis, Gerogiannis, Tsoumanis, Haidas or Triantafillis, Papadopoulos, Tsavalas - exists and today the district Tsavalochori(a village of Tsavalas, - the other two were not rescued the names). In each one of their lots, the chieftains built churches. In the 28 Sept. 1538 it was carried out in front of the orifice of Amvrakikos naval battle between the fleet of Hairentin Mparmparosa and the Christian fleet under Andreas Ntoria, with relative predominance of Mparmparosa. And in the 21 Sept.1828, became the violation of narrow gulf from Greek martial ships ("the time with secrets"). In the 1797 the French’s occupy the city of Preveza, in order to remain however only up to 12 October 1798, whenever occupied by the Ali Pashas and the entire city suffered big destructions of ("destruction of city of Preveza"). Here built mountainous palace the Ali Pashas, near in the healthy baths, in the entry of Amvrakikos the gulf which destroyed by the Ali Pashas in 1820 and the son of Velis in order to not devolve to the people of the Sultan, - "Paliosaraga" is called the locality today. The palace was built in the ruins of the fortress, that is to say the old castle of Mpouka. The Ali Pashas was delivered in the fortification of the city, repairing the castle of Saint Andreas in 1807. This Castle was built by the Venetians in the 18th century, and was the "citadel of" the city of Preveza. They were protected with ditch as well as with wall to the side of Sea (that was demolished in decade of 1920-30). Important also work for the fortification of the city of Preveza, was the manufacture from the Ali Pashas of Ditch (ntapias), that encompassed the city and led to the castle of Saint Georgios (in 1807) and the rampant of Vrisoula. It built also the castle of Pantokratora (in 1807), which, with the castle of Pountas of (Aktio -1819), checked the entry of Amvrakikos. These fortress work became from the 1807 and afterwards. Apart from the castles, more interesting present also the temples of the city like the temple of Saint Charalampos. This temple restructured in 1793, with grateful pictures, with hand-made gold wood temple (in 1827). Right of the temple, is found the Venetian tower of the clock (in 1752). The temple of sleep of Virgin Mary (Virgin Mary of Foreigners), the temple of Saint Nikolaos, Saint Athanassios with appreciable murals 1780 erected on Venetian domination (afterwards the 1717) the little church of Ag. Spiridonas in the place Deep, reconstructed the first church "was built in 1735 May 6" etc. In 1717 and in 1779 taught in the city of Preveza the Saint Kosmas the Aitwlos (father Kosmas), was founded also a school. One of the first pictures of PatroKosmas (the paint of 1817 was removed with the recent maintenance of picture) exists and is looked after in the holy church of Saint Kosmas (under from the Temple of Saint Konstantinos and Helen) as well as his shirt. And the temple of Metamorphosis in the Pantokratora mountain, they adorn four pictures "via hands of Fotios Kontogloy" in 1954. In the city of Preveza they were given birth the fighters of the revolution of 21, Odysseus Androutsos (his fatherly house is saved, in the road - his mother the Prevezana Precise Tsarlampa), the Alexakis Vlachopoulos (in 1780-1865), his brother of Mrs Vlachopoulos (in 1789-1868), Friendly and first Greek head of Constabulary (in 1841) the general Alexis Grivas Gardikiotis (in 1800-1855) and others. In the city of Preveza, in the magical locality “Deep”, he found the peacefulness with a bullet in the heart "(as it is quoted in the memorial column that it was set up by the people of Preveza) the poet Kostas G. Kariotakis, the more important representative the new-symbol and new-romantic faculty of interwar, Saturday of 21 July 1928, thirty three hardly days later from his arrival of here (in 18 June of 1928). Few of the weeks that he remained in rented room in the graphic "Shuttle pazar".

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