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The Prefecture of Preveza has rich cultural tradition but also appreciable present. Two theatrical teams come up with representations at intervals, with big success. This is function as wintry and aestival Municipal Cinema in the corresponding periods with films that are played in the rooms of big urban centres. In the ancient conservatoire of Nikopolis the summer period they come up with theatrical representations with work of ancient tragedians from those who leading at the scenes of the entire country. In the “Theofaneio Room of Art”, expose their work at local artists as well as to foreigners. It deserves us to report a lot of musical companies that entertain us with live music scenes at the summer months. In the harbour and in the narrow streets of the old city there are a lot of graphic taverns that offers in the visitor relaxation and pleasure with local titbits and fishes. The youth of the city has fun in the many bars and club that functions all the time.

In the Municipality of Preveza take place various cultural occasions. More importantly are:


It is a circle of cultural events that covers all almost the time duration of summertime (July – August). These events of NIKOPOLEIA have become institution for our city and include in their program: musical, dancing, theatrical forms, amateur and professional, from our country and the abroad. In the frames of NIKOPOLEIA become various events function as pole of attraction of many tourists most important which they are reported below:

Festival of documentaries
New institution that began in the city of Preveza on 2 August 1995 as A Pan-Hellenic Festival Documentary. There is an organisation of Cinematographic Club Preveza in collaboration with the Federation of Cinematographic Clubs Greece under the aegis of the Municipality of the city of Preveza.

International children's festival
It is an institution that is realised in Preveza for one decade with big radiation in Greece and the abroad. Two hundred roughly young persons from the Balkan countries are entertained by the Municipality for ten roughly days. The program of festival includes open representations of music and dance from the each country separately and presentation of reports of painting, photograph etc.

The feast of sardine
It is a very old custom that becomes in the harbour of the city for one time in 20 years in suitably shaped space. Participate music and a dance group, the people are cooked local sardine, are offered free white and red wine and is created thus a climate genuine Greek tradition where the world participates spontaneously. The feast of sardine has become anymore institution, is realised the first Weekend of August and assembles above 10.000 world from the entire Greece.

Carnival of Preveza
The Intellectual Centre of Municipality of Preveza organises each year the Carnival, aiming in the resurgence and maintenance of traditional customs of our city.
The events of Carnival constitute one from the most important institutions for the cultular of the wider region.

Appreciable events in the frames of the Carnival that tend to become institutions and they attract internal:
1. Parade of Maskarata
2. Parade of Carnival with the attendance of crowd of disguised women and chariots with funny and tragic subjects.
3. Popularly festivals. Begin with Carnival fires in the neighbourhoods of the city and Clean Monday are celebrated the traditional Koulouma in the region of Saint George. In the Koulouma participate music and dance groups and they are offered free traditional food and abundant wine. 

Chorus Festival
The Chorus Festival of Preveza was established for the first time in 1983 with initiative of chorus 'ARMONIA' of Preveza that in collaboration with other institutions, undertakes each year and his organisation. This effort aims at the establishment and consolidation of institution aiming at the promotion of choral music, the growth the Intellectual and Cultural level and the culture of musical feeling. The Chorus Festival is realised each year in our city in the beginnings of cultural events of the summertime.
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