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Preveza is found in the south west of utmost of the Epirus, in the entry of Amvrakikos gulf, opposite from Aktio and in small distance from Nikopolis, which is the city of the prefecture Preveza which is built-up continuity and constitutes the economic and administrative centre of the Prefecture.
Important place of the entire
Epirus, the most useful harbour and node of communication between Epirus - Akarnania but also for Greece-Italy, Preveza was always in the epicentre of interest. The existence of course, up to the beginnings of 20th, six consulates (English, French, Greek, Italian, Austrian, and Russian) in this, implies her importance strategic and commercial.
The city of
Preveza combines the quiet interruptions with the cosmopolitan life. The narrow streets and the neoclassic buildings are certainly characteristic. It has the privilege to be surrounded from marine regions, with completely different characteristics. Westwards Ionian is open sea and Easternly the Amvrakikos is closed. The winds goes with medium intensities and from constant directions, so much in the Ionian as also in the Amvrakikos gulf, rendering thus Preveza an ideal place for sailing. The beaches of Ionian charm the bathers of every age for this and most tourist lodgings are found in this region.
The point precisely in which the city of
Preveza was built is in the orifice of Amvrakikos gulf, which with the double delta of rivers Louros and Arachthos, as well as a system of lagoons, constitutes an infrequent ecosystem that is protected with treaty RAMSAR.
Also Preveza is changed in base for campaigns in the entire north-west
Greece. If some moment you feel the need for adventure and exploration, you do not have than to begin. In least from one hour with the car is found the city of Parga. Most minimum time is also required for Lefkada, Arta, the sources of Acheronta, while one hour long is the city of Ioannina

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