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Perithia is a region of separate beauty. It combines the natural beauty with the architectural wealth of the passed seasons. The desert of this region, the remnants of the mansions and the picture of abandonment, fill the visitor of the region various sentiments about the place. The village Perithia is found in northern Corfu in distance of 8 km from the Kassiopi and in the middle roughly of the mountain Pantokratoras. It was built in replacement of the old village, named Old Perithia, which even if abandoned it presents big interest for those who loved in naturalist walks but also that they admire the buildings that resist in the deterioration of time. Old Perithia therefore it resembles with a village ghost. Only that it does not cause terror but admiration, curiosity and it practises a mysterious charm that prompts each wayfarer to walk in each plant path and to go up in the top of the bridge of each mansion to watch and relax the very green nature. The entire village constitutes a unique architectural monument. Before a lot of years his residents began to abandon it seeking better conditions of existence, so we reached in this picture of abandonment. The stone houses, built from local Stone resist in pressures of the passing of the time and stand – still – imposing but tired from the unequal battle. The last years, the municipality of Thinalion in which belongs administratively the entire village, has begun a program of re-establishment of mansions of Old Perithia trying to rescue a piece of the history of the island but also gives again their old glamour in these important architectural creations. Except, however from the residences, particularly impressive are also the churches of the village, which are built in circular provision round of the settlement and they reveal the deep faith of Corfu people, that always characterized them. In the entry of the village you will see the belfry of Saint Iakovo of Persi, an appreciable religious monument. Another building that pulls the attention of visitors is the school of the village, an impressive mansion with the blazon of local sovereign Skordili in his entry. This school works until the 1940. The village Old Perithia numbers roughly 130 houses manufactured for the most part with base the Venetian architecture. Today, in very little of them they live casually mainly village people that works with sheep. The newer village Perithia does not present tourist growth. In the frames of excursion in the countryside of Corfu, it deserves you to visit and to enjoy delicious foods of the local cook in graphic little taverns of the region
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