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   The city of Paramythia lies in the county Thesprotia in Epirus.

The town’s area reaches about the 79,200 acres, while  it’s population about 10,000. Paramythia was a small Byzantine town built in 1,000 B.C. Lies simile to an amphitheatre at the altitude of 750 m, at Korila’s mountain foothill, between the Acheron and Kalamas rivers.Paramythia, with the narrow streets, most of them are traditional, with the houses that are very close to each other and the red tiled roofs, with the old plane-trees and the street market at the centre is a picturesque and amazing settlement for every visitor. It still keeps its traditional colour. It is surrounded by green forests with trees that are in leaf while in its feet lies the long green plain of Kokitos with the trim gardens and the fruit-bearing trees.
Among the city’s attractions you can see the Byzantine bath, the Koulia tower, the castle of Paramythia and the Elea’s castle, the unique for it’s structure watch, while you’ll never forget the thesprotian highlands,
at the Souli village, but also the near littoral regions as Parga, Syvota, Perdika. 
Paramythia and the area around it, provide the visitor, a series of activities of alternative tourism. Trekking, extreme games, visiting areas with great, ancient and historical, interest there are a few activities of alternative tourism for the visitors of this region. The agritourism is a form of alternative tourism in order to maintain and promote the Hellenic traditional and rustic way of life. Paramythia represents an rural area which maintains the true traditions and it's characterized as traditional settlement. Above, follows a short description of activities provided to the visitor of Paramythia.

Trekking, horse riding and extreme games

Trekking - European path of long distances E6
In Paramythia, you can use the european path of long distances E6. The path crosses Paramythia and the mountain chain Gorila, rewarding all visitors with its true beauty, as an international recognized path. It startes in Igoumenitsa, the capital of the county, and , as regarding Epirus, finishes in Dodoni of Ioannina. Exploration in regions with dense forests and forgotten villages.

Trekking - Path «Gorila - St. Arsenis»
The second worthy path, is the path of mountain chain Gorila
At the altitude of 1.658m, the Gorilas is the second higher mountain in Thesprotia. You could reach it by the side of Paramythia, but also from the Agia Kyriaki. Starting from Paramythia, you can choose eiter crossing the town, either through the area of the Elea's Castle. Following the marked path, you can reach the cave
of St. Arsenis. Inside the cave, there is a small church dedicated to the Saint. The very same spot is used as camping spot, and you can see all the valley of Paramythia. At the second half of the route, if you choose the first alternative, you'll pass the point of take-off used by the parapente athletes from Paramythia's Airathletic Club. By choosing the second alternative, you shall acquaint the area around the ancient Elea and the Castle which its remains are still standing.

Trekking  - Path «Route Skala of Tzavelena - Souli»
Route Skala of Tzavelena - Souli. A route of medium difficulty, 4h lond, with the view of Acheron River and destination the turret of the free Hellenism against Turkish domination.

Horse riding on the mountain Gorila, next to the Kokkytos River, et al
Short routes on tracks and beautiful forests. The ancient Castle of Paramythia, the ancient Castle of Elea, the valley of Paramythia, highland villages et al.

River Trekking on Acheron
Trekking on tracks by the side of the river, and sometimes within the Acheron River. Easy path wich starts from Glyki and endes by the fountainheads near the villages of Souli. Possible passages from one to the other side of the river, since the water at several points is very low. For quite some distance, you have easy access to communal roads.

Canyoning on the Acheron's Canyons
Crossing canyons, by walking and by using ropes over the vertical rocks, and spots where the river forms small waterfalls. Acheron-Dalas 2-3 hours, easy wihout rapel.

Rafting, Kayak & Canoe-Kayak on Acheron
The descent of river over an inflatable boat, single-seater, double-seater or up to 8-seater, or using canoe.
The crew members are from 6 to 8. For the biginners, the Acheron River is the ideal place, since there are organized enterprises which provide the suitable equipment, and professional quides. Extra route Acheron Sertziana-Glyki 12km, 4th difficulty level, while on Kalamas (Vrosina-Plakoti) 15km, 1st level.

Mountain Bike on mountain Korila
Routes on tracks and beautiful forests. The ancient castle of Paramythia, highland Thesprotian villages et al. The wonderful provincial roads, covered by green, and perfumes from herbs and flowers, offer to the visitor amazing experiences.

Parapente. Flihts with special parachutes.
The word «Parapente» comes from the french words "para" (from parachute) and "pente" (sidelong).
The sport has a lot of funs. You can fly along with the Airathletic Club of Paramythia, on the side of the mountain Gorila.


The agritourism is a form of alternative tourism which maintains and promotes the Hellenic traditional and rural way of life.
The traditional way of life, the participation to the cultivation and production of goods, without using any drugs and chemicals, the active participation to the food preparation, or the acquaintance with the Epirotic cuisine and with the traditional biologic cultivation of horticulture, the preparation of sweets, the traditional production of clothes, are a few among the agritoursim activities.
For the moment there is no organized agritourism unit, but you can join the local private enterprises, which have private cultivations, and also the government services of the Educational Agricultural Center.

Educational Routes. Aquatic fauna
Bisides the isolated activity and the personal interests, you can join a serie of educational, scientific organized programs.You can join, as volunteer, the program  Observation of birds living in Hellas (SPPE) on the Paramythia's mountains.
You can apply here

Important aquatic fauna areas: Straits of Kalamas River, Delta of Kalamas River, Estuary and Straits of Acheron River.
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