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Paralio Astros

 Paralio Astros
Paralio Astros

4klm away from the city Astros lays this summer resort which has been constantly developing in the last years.

Paralio Astros
The beach extends to the point that comes one with the beach in Agios Andreas and is built on a small star- shaped peninsula on the verge of the Argoic Gulf. At the end of the peninsula, on the south point of the hill lays a medieval castle builted during the time the Franks dominated the grounds. Later and during the Ottoma-nic domination it was used by the Ottomans as a fortification line.

Paralio Astros   Paralio Astros
Three residences are standing inside the walls, work of three tradesmen brothers who came back from abroad to take part in the Revolution and builted their houses here.

Paralio Astros

The architecture is indicative of the pre- Revolution era. A bit further are wall remainings of the clas-sical era believed to be builted by the Aeginites.

Paralio Astros
An open theatre and a beacon are standing under the castle. The mansion Herodes Atticus, Helleniko, the Lucus Monastery and the aquatic biotope Mustos are all close by to be visited. You can reach Paralia Astros by flying dolphins from Pireas as well.

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