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Nea Apollonia

Nea Apollonia is the capital of the municipality of Apollonia, consisted of the communities of N. Apollonia, Aspronera, Luta Volvis, Mesopotamo and Xirorema. The location is full of traces that prove the constant inhabitation of the territory since the Neolithic ages and the wealth of the grounds since ancient texts confirm the exploitation of gold in the wider area. A number of findings such as tombstones and statues are indicatives of the vivid life that acmed here. The most precious finding is the torso of a statue dated from the Hellenistic ages (330- 325 BC) that is half a meter in height and represents goddess Nicki (Victory). Along with the torso of the statue was also found a golden wreath. The location that the statue was recovered led to the assumption that it was part of a temple in the center of the city, close to the Agora. By 360 BC the city was an important cultural and trading center and is mentioned in texts as an autonomous city. Recent excavations have brought to light walls and parts of residences of a civilization that acmed between the 4th and the 3rd century BC and lasted up to the Roman ages (prooved by statues and tombs). The city must have been of great importance as the fortification indicates, because it followed the Aegyptian model of fortification (the line of walls forming semi- circular towers every 30 meters). This model was used in strong cities during the Classical ages. The tomb yards on the eastern and western sides have brought to light many valuable findings, statues, golden wreaths and lamps. The tomb yard the archeologists have found on the west side was hiding a pottery workshop of the 5th century BC and coins. During the Ottomanic domination Nea Apollonia is called Egri Bujack which means bended knife, name that it was given because of the shape the village had when looked above. Up to 1907 Nea Apollonia was under the Ottomanic domination. The liberation came in 1912 and was formally recognized by the state in 1918. In 1927 takes the name Nea Apollonia and in 1942 belongs to the municipality of Lagadas. Immigration had begun since 1913 and people from Asia Minor and Eastern Thrace began settling here. Since then, the inhabitants have mainly been farmers and cultivators. Visit the medicinal baths facilities and enjoy the organized services that people of N. Apollonia have created for a pleasant stay.

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