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Nea Anchialos

On the Pagasitikos gulf, not far from the town Volos, stands New Anchialos, a location in Greece which hides rich ancient and modern history. Archeological excavations have brought to light findings of large communities, remains of walls (parts of the walls that have been recovered are extending to a length of 2klm which is indicative of the size the ancient city had), and pottery from the Neolithic, geometrical and classical eras. The city that flourished during the Neolithic ages was called Pyrassos (the acropolis of the city is still saved) and was burned down and destroyed by king Filippos the fifth and his army in 217 BC. Not much later, a new city was founded on the same location that was initially named Fthiotidon Thivon, meaning the Thebes of the inhabitants of the city Fthiotida, to part themselves from the city of Thebes. From this era an ancient theatre is saved, which had capacity of 3000 people, was built during the Hellenistic ages and was in use until the late Roman ages. The city flourished during the Christian era and was burned down during the 7th century AC.
Of great importance are the basilica temples that have been recovered in the territory and belong to the 5th and 6th century AC. The common characteristic in all of the temples is the remarkable mosaic work that decorated them which are preserved in excellent shape. Inside the city walls which define the borders of the ancient city, the most important monuments are the acropolis of Pyrassos, the basilica temple of Elpidios, the complex of the pubic buildings, the bishop’s palace, the basilica temple of Agios Dimitrios, the baths, the gymnasium and the bishop Petros’ palace.

This palace includes a baptistery which in shape and dimensions is unique in Greece. Outside the city walls the visitor will find monuments of equal value. The IV basilica temple which stands near the sea, a tomb yard curved on the side of the hill. New Anchialos, a town founded in 1907 by the Greek inhabitants of Eastern Romylia who were forced to immigrate when their hometown, called also Anchialos, was burned down by the Bulgarians. At first they settled in Athens and after choosing the territory of Anchialos, they moved and founded the New Anchialos. By 1908, 906 stone houses were built. The town nowadays is a popular touristic resort. The location combines mountain and sea. The villages around keep their traditional character in a majestic scenery. The beaches that can be discovered in the numerous coves are fully organized and the options for your accommodation and your entertainment are endless.

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