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Mouzaki Village 20 minutes from the city of Karditsa town  and 15 minutes from the city of Trikala town , making the hotel the close  of the most popular destinations such as the beautiful lake of Greece, Lake Plastiras, the mountain of Pertouli village  and the majestic Meteora. Here you have the opportunity to enjoy the warm hospitality and the traditions of our country, you can escape with lots of alternative activities.
 Along with your stay at our hotel you can organize many interesting activities. Our proposals are presented below. You can visit places like Pertouli, Elati, Meteora, Aspropotamos, Lake Plastiras and Argithea villages. Moyzaki village Karditsa Thessaly Greece
 In some of these areas are organized activities for visitors' entertainment. Some of them are ski and snowboard (Pertouli), canoe, kayak and archery (Aspropotamos), trekking, horse riding, hiking, mountain bike, mountaineering, and Ascension (Porti).
 Since there are many scattered monasteries in the region, their pilgrimage is something that many travelers choose to make. Stand alone Panagia Spiliotissa (Argithea), St. Vissariona (Pili-Ntousko), Goura (Pili), St. George (Mavromati), St. Seraphim (Fanari), Koroni (Lake Plastiras), Agia Triada (Drakotripa) and Panagia Galaktotrofousas (Aspropotamos). 
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 Finally, a visitor must visit the important historical places in the region. Such places are Mavromati « Karaiskaki’s house» (Cave), the Popular Art Museum, Porti -Palaiokastro relic of ancient wall are saved, Argithea (remnants of Arghitheos palace), Kastro (Fanari) and Meteora.

Hotels in Moyzaki Village

MOYZAKI PALACE   Mouzaki Hotel & Spa

more about Mouzaki Village
Situated between the areas Meteora, fir-Pertouli, Lake Plastiras Argithea. Has important archaeological sites and exquisite religious monuments, with a leading monastery of the hero of the revolution of 1821, George Karaiskaki and the cave where he was born. The reason for the municipality Moyzakioy a "sight thief" who can throw those seeking alternative escape from the hubbub of the city, through the guidebook issued by the concerned municipal authority, headed by Mayor George Kotsis.

The Planos is the seat of the municipality. Built at 180 m altitude, on the outskirts of Itamos (Koziakas of termination) and on the banks of Pamissos an important commercial, administrative, agricultural center of the region and communication hub for the prefecture of Karditsa.

Located in the northwest of the city of Goa, which is 25 kilometers and 18 km from Trikala. The inhabitants, about 5,000 in winter and summer 6000, engaged in farming, agriculture, trade. Live remains a preoccupation with traditional occupations such as blacksmith, the grower and winemaker.

It offers many options for those visiting the picturesque town, with many proposals on sights, museums, monuments, archeological sites, tours to nearby beautiful traditional villages, hostels and luxury hotels with modern facilities, activities and unique proposals in taverns and tasty meze.

Throughout the year organized by the municipality and cultural societies (which are important cultural activity), many events that attract the interest of the world.
The interest of attracting visitors the remarkable monastery of St. George (Karaiskaki) Mavrommatis, located 3 km from the village and approach is by asphalt road.

The monastery was one of the most important during the Turkish occupation, but also beyond. In this monastery, the type Athonite Catholic, lived for a time as Neokora - nun and Life Dimitski, mother of G. Karaiskaki.

At the top of the village Drakotrypa at an altitude of 800 meters is an important monument of Agrafa, the Monastery of the Holy Trinity. Today, survives only universal, as Athonic type with a narthex on the west side and paintings of Theodore Urea from Agia Larissa.

The most significant monument of the village of Beech is the Monastery of Holy Trinity, founded in the early 17th century. The Catholic is cross-shaped church triconch Athonic type while the splint is later. At the entrance of the church dominates the imposing stone tower. Details (dates on stone of the temple) report that the church is likely to have existed from much earlier, namely from the 11th century. According to an inscription above the entrance of the temple was renovated in the year 1662, while another inscription shows that the year 1682 completed the painting, Byzantine style strictly.

In Planos, history has left scars all over it. Bridges with glorious history, trails with traces of the past and museums that preserve the history of antiquity.

Mouzaki Karditsa

The history of the region are depicted in each point. In ancient funerary monuments, bridges to the glorious past, museums with important treasures and stories ranging from Byzantium to up the Turks.

The archaeological site of the molars is of great historical value and an invaluable historical and cultural heritage from the Neolithic era with many discoveries to date. Ancient city of high strategic importance, was named "Plovdiv" in honor of Philip II of Macedon. There was "bone of contention" between Philip V and King Amynadrou Athamanes and active member of Aitolian league.

He was passing the High Polpiou Licinius Crassus and Julius Caesar on the road to the showdown with Pompey, to defend the Adrostheni the Second.

One of the most important historical sites located in the village Mavrommatis. Above the village on the mountainside, is the cave where the warrior was born in '21 George Karaiskakis, in 1782, a nun from the nearby monastery of St. George, Life Ntimiski. Until his death, the Karaiskakis was known as "0 son Kalogrias  

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