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We are talking about one of the most beautiful spots in Greece. 96klm southeast of Sparti, on the Epidavros Limiras Gulf, lies Monemvasia, amphitheatrically built on the rocky peninsula. The ground salience (tectonic cusp) was cut of the earthside part during the recent geological past and as the name says (only way to go through) this is the only passage to the castle city. Nowadays the spot gives the sense of a small peninsula as the link to the coast is a small stone-bridge 130m in length. As the town spread beyond the small peninsula, the entrance to the old cobbly town is an archway that looks a lot like a catacomb built on the rock. The town is separated to an Upper and Lower city which still holds its Middle Age character and were surrounded by walls, as the strategic point of Monemvasia was the way to eastern Mediterranean and that made it a target to pirates as well as archons of the west during the post Byzantine centuries for which we don’t have many information. Trade and cultural movement, two values that travelled together at that time, made Monemvasia to flourish as the town changed hands from ruler to ruler from1447 to 1821
when the fortress of Monemvasia was besieged at the beginning of the Greek revolution for four months and was handed in Greek hands. Up to then, Sicilians, Franks, Venetians and Ottomans claimed the castle city. Monuments of the early and middle byzantine years weren’t saved because of destruction or replacement during the town acmed in the 12th crntury. The constant piratic intrusions signified the importance of fortification  which were amplificated during the 13th and 14th century. The castle was rectified fully by the Venetians and not far away from the main entrance of the fortress remainings of the palace of the Venetian Lord are saved. The churches of the Elkomenos Christ built in the 12th century and Aghia Sofia inside the castle walls are also very important and worth to be seen.  Many preserved buildings are rented as guest-houses and staying in Monemvasia is a-one-time romantic experience.

Accommodation house Monemvasia
Traditional guesthouse Goulas

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