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Metsovo is one of the most graphic traditional cities of Greece. It is built amphitheatrically in altitude 1.156 m   and is found in one of the taller mountain tops of Pindos, in the verge of limits of the Epirus, the Thessaly and the Western Macedonia. It is capital of homonym province with population around in the 6.000 residents. The city of Metsovo is reported for first time in 1380 after Christ in the chronicle of brothers Proklos and Komninos. Initially it was a small settlement of shepherds. Later, because of his important geographic place it enjoyed particular preferential treatment that contributed in the survival and accelerated the rhythms of multifarious growth in difficult times. It is reported that in 1430 after Christ were granted privileges in the people of the city of Metsovo by the Sultan Mourat the second as reward of the good behaviour of the people of the city of Metsovo to the guardians of Balance to the Turkish troops of Sinan, that were directed in the city of Ioannina. Renewal of this privileges we have in 1659 from the Sultan Mehmet the fourth. With base this privileges the city of Metsovo and the around villages Malakasi, Milia, Anilio, Votonosi, Old Koutsoufliani (Platanistos) and Derventista (Anthochorj) they constituted species of federation, a autonomous democratic state in the Ottoman Empire. The privileges of the city Metsovo were suppressed in 1795 from the centralized state of Ali Pasha. Exception constituted the Exarhia, which was maintained up to 1924.  In 1700 after christ was founded in the Metsovo self supported Greek school, that was elected one of the more important centres of education, where taught the schoolteachers of the season. Big destruction suffered the city of Metsovo on 27 March 1854 from the Turkish troops of Avdi Pasha. It is the eminent Halasmos of Grivas. The progress that was made in the city of Metsovo afterwards the destruction of Grivas is owed in the lot of benefactors that elected to the city, which with the rich bequests that they left, supported him economically. The city of Metsovo was released from the Turkish Balance on 31 October 1912 from forces of regular Greek army, Crete volunteer soldiers and of Epirus volunteers. Decisive importance make for the modern economic and cultural growth of the city of Metsovo it constitutes the Institution of Michael Tositsas, that was created in 1948, from himself the Benefactor with the encouragement of Evangelos Averof Tositsas. 
In the big men of the city of Metsovo they are included: the man of Metsovo Nikolaos of (+ 17 May 1617), the Professors of Gender Nikolaos Tzartzoulis, Parthenios Katzioulis, Dimitrios Vardakas, Trifon the priest, Adam Tsapekos, the National Benefactors Georgios Averof, Nikolaos Stournaras, Michael Tositsas, Triantafillos Tsoumagkas, Dominical Flokas, the National fighters Dimitrios Ipatros, Anastasios Manakis, Ioannis Gkadelos, Apostle Hatzis, Dimitrios Zamanis and the politician and Benefactor Evangelos Averof Tositsas.

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