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The city of Metsovo, the beautiful town of Pindos, is moved henceforth in the streets of renewal that reconcile the past with the future. The innovations come to help the tradition to appear her other person, what that is receptive and expedient in new and creative. The evolutionary course of tradition is a coin with two tops. Through her passage in the centuries, today acquires glamour, a flexibility with which it approaches the modern persons that make thirsty for new, tending bridges of communication between the past and the present.The Municipality of the city of Metsovo includes the Municipal Apartments of Metsovo, Anilio, Anthochori and Votonosi, has extent roughly 200.000 acres and population roughly 6.000 residents. North it borders on the Prefecture of Grevena, Easterly and south-eastern on the Prefecture of Trikala and westwards and south-western on the remainder department of prefecture of Ioannina. Seat of Municipality is the city of Metsovo, built in altitude 1.200 m in the verge of limits of Epirus, Thessaly and west Macedonia. Opposite from the Metsovo is built the village Anilio, more southerly the Anthochori and opposite the village Votonosi near in the river of Metsovo and at length of the national road of Ioannina – Trikala. The Municipality covers the southern endings of northern Pindos and is stretched out between two of the higher mountains of Epirus, the mountain Maurovouni in northerners (altitude 2.160 m.) and the mountain Lakmos or Peristeri in southerners (altitude 2.295 m.). The territory is particularly mountainous with intense territorial elations and a lot of forests where find shelter a lot of species of fauna of our country. The water network of the entire region is rich. Here spring the river Aoos that shape the homonym artificial lake that flows north and via Albania is poured in the Adriatic Sea, Arachthos that flows southerly and is poured in the Amvrakikos gulf, Pinios etc. The climate is continental with long and cold winter, intense rainfalls and snowfalls. The mountainous of region and the climate they determine also the employment of the residents. Most deal with the treatment of timber (furnitures, temples, barrels, and beehives etc), the livestock-farming and the production of cheese products, the tourism where the last years there is rapid development and in smaller degree with the agriculture.

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