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: Megalopoli is acity builted at a plateau and is the capital comminity of the territory. The city began flourishing after the Second World War, when the state decided to take advantage of the brown coal deposits of the area, turning the town into a modern city with rich cultural and financial life. At the same location at 371 BC the ancient city Megali Poli (which is another way of spelling Megalopoli) was founded by Colonel Epaminindas on his attempt to deal with the spreading war tactic of the Spartians. According to Pausanias, in the founding of the city, forty Arkadian cities took part and united against the threat of the Spartians and that way the Arkadian Community was founded (Kinon Arkadon). The city began flourishing very soon and the goal was succeeded as the Spartians were no longer a threat. Near the river Elissonas which was close, stood the Agora which included the Lykeos Deus temple and a copper sculpture of Apollo, 4m high. The excavations brought to light remainings of the congress, arcades, gymnasium, part of the theatre, all 2klm away from the modern city. The rest of the fin-dings are exhibited at the city museum. The ancient city was destroyed in 222 BC, by the Spartians. The scientists have discovered that before any civilazation inhabited the territory, the plateau of Megalopolis used to be a huge lake that after constant transformation of the ground the waters were pushed away and created the plateau of Alfe-os river and continuing disemborgued to the Ionian open sea. As the lake was a very vivid biotope in which many species lived, all of those were burried to the bottom of the lake creating the brown coal layers. The myth that goes around that the Megalopolitians descended from giants, was created by bones of prehistorical animals that were found during the past. Despite the fact that Megalopolis is a city of the same standards of Athens, Thessaloniki and Patra, you will still find extended grounds of oak- trees and verdulous forests to hike in. Visit the Moto- Cross circuit which gathers every year a great number of Moto- Cross lovers.
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