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Builtd at an altitude of 1365m, 58klm from Tripoli their picturesque village is situated at the highest location the Arkadians have habited, lingering on the steep slopes of mountain Menalos. Founded at the ages between 1530- 1600, when five villages united (Agios Athanasios, Konstantinos, Ioannis, Petrovuni, Katsipodas) to deal with the threat of depradations of the Albanians (that is why the people picked up a spot difficult to be reached on the mountain slopes). Many fighters of the Revolution in 1821 came from this village. In fact, the vil-lagers took an important part in the developments of the Revolution. This is where Theodoros Kolokotronis deci-ded to change war tactic against Hebraim and not confront him in battles, but fight him in hidden war. The village is visited by travellers who seek quiet vacations away from the cosmopolitan way of life. On the top of the village, at an altitude of 1450m, stands Argyrokastro, which is the highest builted castle in Peloponnisos. Fully fortified by the Franks (from who was also built) in the same location hundreds of years ago stood an ancient city, lost in the passage of time. Another archeological space is the one between the villages Pyrgaki and Stemnitsa and was called (according to Pausanias) Methydrio. The city had a temple from which remainings are saved. The temple is dated from the Hellenistic Ages and was of plain architecture. Visit the Sfyrida on the borders of the village with Vytina. This was builted during sometime of the 12th century AC and is a complex of a church dedicated to the Mother of Christ and a cell which is the entrance of the dome- shaped temple with exquisit murals on the walls. There is a spring under the Monastery, which was destroyed by Hebraim in 1825. Near the Ladonas river in the location called Korfoxylia Magoulianon, in 1928 the Mother Sanatorim was built and at those times was the most modern sanatorium in the Balkans. By the end of the Second World Wat the sanatorium stopped being used, as the medicine for turbeculosis was discovered. The building is stil standing in good shape. Visit the churches of the vil-lage and specifically the church Kimisi Theotoku. It was built in 1840 and is full of curved works on wood with subjects of the Bible. Take short excursions to the villages around and enjoy the chance of breathing fresh moun-tainous air in fir forests. The stone builted houses and the architecture will enchant you.
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