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Just 80klm away from Athens on the Korinthian land that is on Central Greece, Loutraki is a very po-pular destination that enchants visitors from abroad as well as Greeks. This is the city of waters, 4klm away from the canal on the side of the Korinthian Gulf, a high standared resort. The crystal clean sea and the impecable beaches are being awarded for many years with Blue Flags. The territory produces embottled water. The touristic facilities will astonish you. The quality of waters, the very careful protection of the environment, the beaches an the services you will enjoy along with the magestic landscape will leave you fully satisfied. Take all kinds of sea-sportsin the Loutraki beach of lake Vouliagmeni which has rich sand. If you wish to take your swim in less crow-ded places visit Milokopi, Strava, Shinos, Mavrolimni, Skaloma, Flaburo. Loutraki is also rich in Archeological locations. Near the Lake Vouliagmeni and after the verdulous village  Perahora on the Hereo cape you will find a temple dedicated to the godess Hera, first built in 800BC. Since there are no traces of the temple from that era we find remainings of the tempe dated from the 6th centuryBC moving a little bit to the east. The temple is of Dorian order and during the 4th century BC eight pillars were added and a roof for the protection of the priests and the sa-cred fire since the location had strong winds. Remainings of a restaurant facility was found that served the pili-grims and 200 copper bottles under the location which was believed to be a lake and gatheres the rain water. Visit the ancient city Isthmia in which the second biggest athletic fiest was taking place after the Olympics. The fiests were dedicated and honoured the god Poseidon and were programmed every two years. The fiests included run-ning, wrestling, pentathlum, pagratium, horse-racing, chariot-racing as well as competitions for orators, musicians and artists. Isthmia was a very politically important location. We have records that say the Greeks gathered several times to decide on crushial issues such as the invasion of the Persians in 479BC, the congress Fillipos the king of Northern Greece Makedonia called. You will find the full history of Isthmia in the Archeological Museum in which findings of the temple of Hera are exhibited and the cities Kehreon and Rahis. Also visit the ancient city Pe-reon inhabited round 750BC, the Roman villa on the Katounistra hill dated from 50BC which had a spa complex. Visit the numerous churches and the monasteries. Since ancient years Loutraki is famous of the thermal baths. Fully organised places will offer you the benefits of a natural or thermal bath in individual cabinets. People all over Greece visit Loutraki to heal and rejuvenate. You will also find a casino in Loutraki.

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