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Kyllini : Kyllini is a coastal village. Hardly 1079 residents live permanently in Kyllini that is found 44 kilometres outside from the village of Pirgos. Kyllini bloomed in the period of Fragkocracy therefore then was named as Glarentza. It was an important harbour and commercial centre of the wider region. It owns its name to the ancient city of Kyllini and constituted important small harbour of the people of Ilia. The walls that surrounded sometimes Glarentza had been broken down by Konstantinos Palaiologos in a struggle to save the city from the hands of Turks in the 1430.
However this coastal village has appreciable history and great places of interest In distance of 2,5 kilometres is found the eminent Byzantine monastery of Virgin Mary of Blachernas with the homonym picture. The chronology of foundation of abbey remains undefined. It is determined however by various historical sources that is around the 13 century after Christ. In the abbey they are looked after relic of various Saints and in the Library they are exposed various historical documents, but also patriarchal handwritten proofs. Today the abbey practises important charitable work, and entertains many old peoples in the Nursing home. The abbey celebrates with festive - religious way in the 8 September of each year In distance of 2 kilometres are the spa of Kyllini, which are tourist developed from the EOT.
The spa of Kyllini is found in distance of 15 minutes away from Bartholomio and 10 minutes away from the village named Kastro. The biggest extent of this region is covered by pinewood which leads to a big- length beach. It took its name from the medicinal sources of region that were known from the Roman years. Today, there functions an organised balneary.
Today in the region you have many to see. One of the most famous sights of Kyllini is the abbey of Blachernas that is found hardly 2,5 kilometres outside from the city. It is dated in the 12th century and it has occidental elements in its architecture while in the temple you can worship the picture of Virgin Mary of Blachernas. The lighthouse in the island of Kafkalida as well as the church of Analipsis with the running waters, drowned in the green, sure will make you impression. Still, the entire prefecture unfolds around you with a lot of parts to discover. From other, sure it deserves you to visit the spa of Kyllini. The medicinal sources that have been developed there, can contribute in many ways to those who is suffering from diseases of respiratory, of the articulations or of the skin. The region has tourist infrastructures and receives a lot of visitors each year.
The spas of kyllini or differently “Linzi” is a region of infinity beauty. They abstain 9 kilometres, from the village of kyllini the region she is woody and it is interrupted by big pieces of cultivable ground. As long as we approach however in the spa of Kyllini the forest thickens as it reaches up to the sandy beach. The spa of kyllinis is been famous from its antiquity for the medicinal sources that their waters, the fumes and the mud cure the arthritics, the asthma and skin diseases. There are ruins from installations of the Roman baths. An interpretation is that the word “Litzi” meant bath in the Latins. An other version is that it means “the mouth of underworld” from where came out “litzi”,that means daemons. The in the Ottoman years it existed also a robber with the name Litzis that probably took its name from the demons of sources. In 1880, in the years of Trikoupis, the spas were granted to the organism of railways of Peloponnese which advanced in the first work of exploitation of the medicinal sources, making hotel and balneary.
 In 1951 they were granted to the Greek Tourist Organizations (ΕΟΤ) after it was exploited by a private individual, which also had abandoned it. Up to the dictatorship there existed a small train that connected Litzi with Kabasila and Bartholomio. A new balneary has been manufactured but has not been given still in use. It is one modern balneary of 40.000 m2 and which cost 6, 5 billions (with chalk-lines of European Unite). The unique balneary that functions is that of Trikoupi (1890), which in the past few year, is open to visit - with 4 Euros ticket - at the duration of aestival period have visited it 5000 persons. Due to its particularity, in this region, somebody have the opportunity to combine marvellously therapeutic with the marine tourism.
Therapeutic clues: diseases of respiratory system, asthmatic situations, chronic bronchitis, pneumonic emphysema, laryngitis and dermal.

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