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25klm away from Tripoli, exactly at the center of Arkadia and on the slopes of mountain Menalos, this picturesque village is standing at an altitude of 750- 950m. The climate is dry because of the mountains and the forests around. Winter is mild and summer is almost like spring time. The history in Levidi is similar to the histo-ry of every other town in Peloponnisos. The historical battle that took place here in the 14th of April in 1821 and came out in favour of the Greeks is a proof of the importance of this town during the ages of the Revolution. Le-vidi is also the home town of the prime minister and minister of several ministries of Greece, Alexandros Papana-stasiou. In the town hall there is a small museum that keeps belongings and documents of Papanastasiou. You will find a beautiful church that views the lowand on the hill top, the church of Agioi Taxiarhes . This church has two clocks. The older one is stopped at the exact time it was blown up by the nazi during the Second World War, so as to stop the inhabitants from letting the men of the resistance know of their arrival. Do visit the byzantine church of Panagia, builted on the remainigs of the ancient temple Ymnia Artemis. The church is west of Levidi and has beautiful preserved icons. There is an agricultural school in Levidi, founded by Papanastasiou on his succesful attempt for better knowledge for those who cultivated the land. Levidi is very close, hust 8klm away from the ancient location Orhomenos, mentioned by Homer in his works. The city was first habited during the Geometrical ages and up to the 5th century BC, date in which it began declining it was the center of the Arkadian ground. The archeological space has remainings of walls, of a temple dedicated to godess Artemis, of the Agora and an ancient theatre of the 3rd century BC. Inscriptions say that in this theatre fiests honouring Dionysos, the god of wine were hosted. On the other side of Orhomenos, at the location called Kapaki, you will find the remainings of an ancient castle builted on a rock. The geographical location shows that from there the passage to Korinthia and Argolida was controlled. Throughout the entire length of the castle there is a parallel underground water tank and on the west there are remainings of a smaller building. On the northeast side there used to be fortifying walls and the castle was probably used by the Byzantines and the Franks. Visit the Ostrakina ski- center which is near the mountain top of Menalos at an altitude of 1600m. The facilities are well organised, you will find five ski runs, chalet, restaurants and a climbing refuge near the ski center. Ostrakina ski- center draws visitors from Pelopon-nisos and the entire Central Greece. The villages around are picturesque, dressed in white. You will also have the chance of hiking in various organised routes in the mountain Menalos.

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