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The city of Lefkada and capital of the island are separated from the coasts of Etoloakarnania means of artificial channel and are connected with two bridges. The one of them is mobile and it is found above a pass of earth and sea, while the other is bigger in length and is extended above the lagoon with the fish centres. The city with the traditional physiognomy as it is impressed in the narrow streets, pavements with characteristic little bridges, the houses of the traditional settlement and the old churches, impresses a part of comprehensive history and cultural heritage of the place. Walk in the streets of the city and know her beauties. In the city of Lefkada you will see certain from the most important sights of the entire island. As the fortress Saint Blacks or the castle of Orsini as it is differently called, which was built in 1300 and it has been connected with a lot of historical facts while today it entertains cultural events. The castle is built in front of the lagoon that constitutes more important water place for the island in that find shelter a lot of infrequent species of birds, fishes and animals. One of the jewels of the city is the park Mposketo, in which are found and the relics of all the eminent of Lefkadian guest people such as (Aggelos Sikelianos, Aristotle Valaorotis etc). As long as it concerns the architecture of the city it deserves to mark that here are not obvious the influences of the Venecian, as it happens in Corfu and Zakynthos. The current city of Lefkada began to be built from 1684 and afterwards, when after the command of Venecian sovereign Morozini the residents transport their residences outside from the castle. The architecture of the city was determined as one degree by the intense seismic activity of the region. Thus, the houses were small, two-floors and mainly made by wood buildings, with wooden balconies and with tile rooftops. Usually the above floor was manufactured from timber while the ground floor was stone-built. Reason of devastating earthquakes the residents, in the passage of the years, it needed to re-built their houses. They used however the same material and they attended the roof department to be light and indeed they covered it with sheet-metal. It is a technique that is maintained up to today. In the historical centre of the city you will see many houses such like this description. Of course there are also the old mansions and the urban houses of affluent families, which were built in big plots with courtyards. Also, the residence Zoylinos which  today accommodates the Public Library of Lefkada and the Collection of Post byzantine Pictures of Eptanisian Art. The bigger commercial movement of the city is observed in the road Derpfeld where a lot of commercial shops functions there and there are also tourist shops there. While round of the central square function a lot of cafeterias, taverns and little bars. At your eve in the city it deserves for you to visit the churches of Lefkada. Also you will the Saint Spyridona that is dated by the 17th century, Saint Nikolaos that were built in 1687 in the baroque rhythm, the Pantokratora and the Saint Month. Also, appreciable are the museums of the city such as the archaeological and the folklore museum, the Public Library and the Harmoglios Library that they reveal important aspects of cultural heritage of the island Lefkada. From the near beaches they distinguish the municipal beach Gyra, near in the Castle. In Lefkada are function hotels and rented rooms that are addressed in each requirement. Also, the choices for amusement satisfy all of your wishes.

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