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Laganas is the most popular resort of the island Zakynthos. It is found in the south-eastern department of the island and in distance of 11 km from the city. The beach which has length of 9 km is considered one from the better in Greece. It is the most secular beach of the island. Here you will meet local and visitors of each age to enjoy the sun and the sea. The shallow waters are secure for the small children, while the organisation of the beach satisfies all the requirements of the visitors. The beach of Laganas offered also for the lovers of marine sports.  The gulf of Laganas acquired international fame as shelter of the turtle – caretta caretta which giving birth their eggs in this beach. However the rapid tourist growth of this region, led the turtles to the searching of other quieter regions that there they ensure the suitable conditions for the period of the recreation of their eggs. For the protection of the marine turtle, the gulf of Laganas and the regions that consider in this were nominated National Marine Park. Thus, the reconstruction of the region around was decreased, the same and the noise, while were prohibited the mechanically-driven marine ships. Of course, there are small ships with which you can make the tour of gulf and see closely the marine turtles. The Marathonisi with the islets Pelouzo and Agio Sosti are close to the gulf of Laganas. The islet of Agios Sostis was linked with the land until 1633, where a powerful earthquake broke him away. Today the communication becomes via a bridge.  Apart from the astonishing beach of Laganas, in near distance is found also the beach Kalamaki with her characteristic the tall rocks. If you want a quiet and relatively isolated beach you prefer the Porto Koukla that is found opposite by the Marathonisi.  The wider region of Laganas is one from the most developed tourist. Here, working a lot of hotels and rented rooms. The night life also here is intense. The more popular bars and night centres of Zakynthos function here. Also, here you will find a lot of taverns that serve recipes of zakynthian cook but also restaurants with international cook. 

The village
This is the real heart of the spree and of the night life of the island. Was initially developed at the length of the central street, roughly three kilometres, that leads up to the beach, and today the Laganas expands rapidly, with always bigger infrastructures for tourists more or least young persons that wish basically to have fun in their interruptions. The country, that the winter does not almost have residents, is characterized by a line of hotels, night club, shops of tourist types that succeed the one the other and it is openly from early the morning! up to late to the night, with a view to satisfy the different needs of each visitor.  Even the restaurants and the snack bar have extensive schedules of work and you can find them not only in the central streets of the country but also in the beach.  Is the beach an extent of kilometres of sand exceptionally equipped for the visitor? Indeed it is possible for you to rent relaxing beds and umbrellas, you can also organise excursions in the Marathonisi and in the near caves of the Candle (Keri) and finally, for the lovers of the dives, there is the possibility of attendance in unforgettable dives.

The beach
The beach of Laganas is one of the bigger in the island. The beauty that springs when you look at the beach is unique. It is a sandy beach, 9 kilometres, with hot and clean waters that unfold as the coast and it may also take to you 1 hour in order to walk from the one end to the other. Here are been disposed to renting relaxing beds and umbrellas and near taverns. If it bothers you the noise from the people that exist in the central point of the beach, then you have to walk little more beyond in order to find a quieter part. The gulf of Laganas is ideal for children and adults because it has shallow and hot waters and little sand and is also the place of residence of turtles Caretta Caretta that lives in this part for thousands years. The period when the turtles giving birth their eggs coincides with the aestival period of interruptions. At the duration of July and August the female turtles come out in the coast in order to giving birth their eggs, by digging at the 50 centimetres under the sand. The heat sand nourishes the eggs and the baby turtles, 8 weeks later, crawling to the sea. This has as result the Eastern department of beach to become an area of maintenance where are prohibited the jet skis and mechanically-driven ships. Is prohibited also the eve of visitors afterwards the west of the sun. Can however, at the duration of day, with the small boats that have glass in the floor, see the turtles in the sea as long as they swim.  Also, in certain points of the beach become frequent itineraries with small boats that you can go to a lot of other beaches.

How you are moved
Laganas is connected with the Kalamaki with buses that they make enough ways daily. Also there are a lot of points where you can rent car, jeep, motorbike or bicycle in order for you to move from your own autonomously in the island.

Where to stay.
Laganas is a village of mediocre extent and offers various solutions of stay as many hotels with swimming-pool, studios, as well as a camping. Also here you are in the centre of amusement and we recommend it in those who they sleep little the night.

The shop
In the Laganas there are all the shops for everythimg you will and you can need. Such like as Supermarkets, shops with seasonal fruits, ovens, splendid for all the goods of bread and for gently, shops with goods of gifts, jewellery shops, leather types and shops with the clothes and hand-made, leather shoes.  In many of the shops with goods of gifts you will find miniatures turtles and traditionally, hand-made products.

The amusement
Laganas has the better and more live night life of the island Zakynthos. The night the music strengthens everywhere while the bars and nightclubs compete for which will go better. Most choices are found in the central street, not very far from the beach. There you will find:
•Alcohol, juvenile atmosphere and dancing music in each part
•A lot of cafeterias with big televisions that show different films each day
•Nights with quiz and bar snacks  
•Pubs of English type
•Each type of music
•Parts where you can find karaoke
•Nights with concrete subject, live dancing groups and singers in dancing clubs

Most bar and clubs open from the 18.30 afternoon up to the 4 in the morning daily and up to the 6 morning Friday and Saturday. The entry is free of charge.

Beach with:  Sand
Distance from the city Zakynthos: 9 km
It is found in the region: Laganas
It belongs in the Municipality:  Laganas
Geographic place:  G. width: B 37, 44 - G. length: A 20, 53
Other near beaches: Agios Sostis, Kalamaki, Marathonisi, Porto Koukla
Other beaches in the same Municipality: Agios Sostis, Kalamaki, Lake of Candle (Keri), Marathias, Marathonisi, Porto Koukla

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