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65klm northwest from Tripoli, at an altitude of 980m and builted on a hill of mountain Menalo, this mountainous village with rich backround is divited in two parts, Upper Mahalas and Lower Mahalas (Mahalas is a Turkish word and means neighbourhood). Upper Mahalas is situated at a location that views up to the Ionian open sea. Lower Mahalas is basically the coomb of the river Lagadiano (in ancient ages named Tythoa) which is an af-fluent to Ladonas river. The village houses are stone builted (the village is famous of the work of craftsmen who builted very artificially houses, churches, bridges, schools in the entire Greece. Their art was so developed that many of the houses have one floor on the one side and three floors on the other) and this is the home village of the known fighters of the Revolution Deligiannis and his family. Tradition says that the territory was inhabited by the builters who came to built the Akova castle during the domination if Franks at the beginning of the 13th century and they passed their knowledges to their descendents. But it is most possible that the village was founded round 1500 AC when smaller communities united and formed Lagadia. The rich family of Deligiannis took a great part in the Revolution in 1821. Their house is still preserved and is nowadays a monument. Other monuments you can visit is the old churches of Agioi Taxiarhes (built in 1805) and Agioi Apostoli (built in 1854). The unique archite-cture of these two churches make them real gems among the buildings in the entire territory. Stone builted springs can be found around. The castle of Akova was built on a steep rock and was destroyed in 1548 by Mohamed. There are parts of walls still standing and a square tower. During the ancient ages there was a road that linked Sparti, Megalopoli, Methudrio, Teftida, Herea and ended to Olympia, through which the Peloponnisians reached Olympia to watch the Olympic games. Very known are the web-works in Lagadia and every summer the munici-pality organises traditional song festival.

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