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We are standing at the central-north section of the geographical appartment of Peloponnisos. On the north and east side neighbours with Arcadia and Messinia is at west. Laconia is awashed by the Argolic gulf, Laconic Gulf and a part of the Messenean Gulf.
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In extend of ground, we are talking about the second biggest part of Peloponnisos (Arcadia is first and Achaia is third), and in population the sixth.The name goes after the mythical king of the territory Lacedemon, who married Sparti, daughter of Zeus.

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The layout of the coastline forms in all of its length rich coves, smaller and bigger ones, but not such a big number of ports, because of the rocky ground. The slopes of mountain Parnomas and Taygetus reach to the sea and in between them the famous low land Evrotas is extending and the river Evrotas, the main river in Laconia, also named after a king of the territory. As mentioned before, Laconia includes a part of the Messenean Gulf, the coasts of Myrto open sea and the two big peninsulasof Taenaros and Maleas and you can very easily- by car- tour  the coastline and the coves. Beginning from the upper point, west at the Messenean Gulf, we find the coves of Itilo and Diros, along with the three caves, wonders of nature, which hold stalactites and floustones in outstanding shapes. One of these caves can only be toured in boats because of the lakes and the canals, while skeletons of prehistorical animals were found by archeologists in all three of them.

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After a number of coves,  we reach Gythio, which is the biggest port in Laconia. Zavelo cape is followed by the cape of Maleas. Entering the Myrto open sea, the coasts tend to be more lacerate, due to the ground which is infertile. Along the coastline you will find many islets in the sea and small islands, most known of which are Kavopetra, Petro- nisia, Trinasos, and Elafonisos. Elafonisos means “the island of deers” and was given name by the Venetians, during the ages they ruled the place, along with Kythira and Antikythira were part of the called Ionian City. Between Elafoni- sos and Kythira one of history’s greatest natural canals is formed, the Elafonisos canal in which many ships in ancient times suffered shipwreck.
You will find many medicinal sources in Laconia, rich in various elements, such as iron, soda and salt, water that has bitter taste and others.
During the ancient ages the people of Laconia spoke their own dialect, divided in two phases of development and differences, the ancient dialect and later diaect, with the 4th BC century being the frontier between them. That dialect gave birth to Tsakonika, which is still spoken by the habitants of Kynouria, on the southeast section of Arcadia.
Mystras, Monemvasia, the castles in Mani, the caves are all archeological sights worth to be seen. Rocky landscapes, precipitous rocks,deep blue clean waters, temperate climate and organised beaches, historical places with remainings of past eras, well organised museums rich in findings beautiful caves and delicious food, Laconia is a destination that will definitely enchant you with all these remarkable places as well as its history which is still alive under every rock.
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