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kithira island Greece 
or Tsirigo are the most southern than the other islands of the Ionian Sea. They are opposite found from south-eastern utmost Peloponnese, in the entry of Lakonikou gulf. It is the unique island of the Eptanisa that do not belong administratively in the Region of Ionian islands but in the Prefecture of Piraeus. Nevertheless, in the Roy of history it followed the common fate of Ionian Islands.  The Kythira, known and as island of Venus after according to the Isiodos here it was given birth the more beautiful view of Olympus, reason of their geographic place constituted the apple of eridos (reason for fighting) for a lot of conquerors. 

  Greek islands kythira   KYTHIRA GREECE

The island is found “here” that the west meets with the east in the Mediterranean and there that the cultures were crossed and were woven the fate games. It distinguishes for the alternations of his landscapes and the scattered monuments of bequeathing culture that reveal the uniqueness of Kythira in the Hellenic space.The nature dowered the Kythira with unique physical beauty. The landscapes fill in the glance with unique pictures. Rocky regions very green from bushes, hills covered from Mediterranean pines, beautiful coasts, gold sandy beaches and aquamarine waters, steep beaches, abrupt gorges, caverns and rivers that lead to the deep blue waters of the sea, all the elements of nature in a harmonious coexistence create the paradise picture of Kythira.  Characteristic of the Kythira it is that they maintain their authentic islander physiognomy. The traditional architecture that dominate in most settlements of the island, the Byzantine churches and the Venetian Castle that dominates in the hill above the Country contribute in the creation of the romantic and special atmosphere that prevails in the island. The local feasts and fests that are organised at the duration of the summertime give the occasion in the visitors to know aspects of popular delivery of Kythira that remain live. The efforts of residents to maintain live their authentic islander character appear in the feast of Wine, in the fest of Virgin Mary of Mirtidiotissa, the Saint Elesas, etc.  The Kythira, even if they have not enjoyed big tourist projection, have acquired big fame and they have acquired many fun. Each summertime more visitors hurry to know about the island of Venus and they pass their most beautiful interruptions in the most beautiful island, that it offers in each one whatever he wishes. There is the occasion for relaxation in a very beautiful and quiet environment but also the possibility for amusement in the coastal bars.

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