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Korinthia: This is the northeast section of Peloponnisos and a part of Central Greece.
The borders stand between the  Korinthic Gulf, Achaia, Arcadia, Argolida and the Saronic Gulf. The uninhabited islets Alkyonides (Zodohos Pigi, Daskalio, Prasonisi, Glaronisi) and a number of smaller islets on the coastline of the Saronic Gulf also belong to Korinthia. The ground is mainly mountainous and we find few lowlands by the coast of the Korinthic Gulf (par- ticularly near the capital which has been Korinthos since anciety). The mountains near the west are higher(Kyllini, Ziria and parts of Aroaonion, Saita and Oligyrtos). Kyllini stands exactly in the center of Korinthia near the low- land of Korinthos and the coast. There aren’t many rivers in Korinthia, only small rivers- torrents and streams- which end up to the Korinthian Gulf. Zapantis that sources in the territory of Nemea, Asopos that sources in the mountain Oligyrtos, Fonissa that sources in Ziria, in Dervenia. Apart from the lake Stymfalia which we find it at an altitude of 626m, there’s also the lake Vouliagmeni Loutraki which was formed when an underground cave fell. The climate is mild and Mediterranean- near the coast warm summers and sweet winters.

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As we draw away from the coast and particularly in the mountainous and semi-mountainous grounds, winter is heavy and summer warm and dry. The coastline spreads across the Korinthian and the Argolic Gulf. Shinu cove on the Korinthian Gulf is followed by the Hereo cape, where the Korinthos bay begins. On the east we find Loutraki and the west side of Isthmus. West of the Saronic Gulf the coastline spreads from Megara bay(which was a very known city in anciety) up to Argolida  closing in the Trahini cape. In between we find the capes of Spyri, Stiri, Treli and the Sofiku bay. The most popular hot-spring in Korinthia is Loutraki. The sources are gushing on the western  rocky entries of mountain chain Gerania. Tepid, chlorine-sodium, radioactive, hypotonic, alkaline and magnesium are the main characteristics. Loutraki produces embottled drinking water and the city spa has facilities for treatments. Another spring is Eleni Kehreon and the unexploited sources in Tria Remata(rich in iron) and Lykoporia. In Ziria and Heli- no you will find fir forests where the trees are higher than 80m. Verdulous regions are also the mountain chain of Gerania and Onia. In Ziria you will find ski-center. Manganese, brown coal and sulphur grounds are the metals we find on the Korinthian grounds. The archeological interest, the hot-springs, the isthmus and the beautiful beaches are what draw the people to visit Korinthia.
Visit the location Aidonia to see the remainings of a Mycenean ceme-tary, Derveni for the ancient theatre just 4klm away from the village, Evrostina to sit under the cherry trees, Kaly-via to see the remainings of ancient Feneus, Nemea(where according to the myth Hercules killed the Lion that de-vastated the city) for the Archeological museum, Fliuntos where the remainings of a temple dedicated to Zeus stand,a stadium and other buildings, the 17th century monastery of Kimiseos Theotoku for the remarkable murals and the church curved in the rock, Xylokastro for the rich forest of pines and the churches of Saint Vlasios and Saint Gerasimos, Sofiku for the 11th century churches, Stymfalia for the dried lake (it dried up ages ago, the bot- tom was cultivated, but the waters flood the territory and this phenomenon is probably because of an existing net of holes and karstic conductors)and the cave near the lake full of gorgeous stalactites and flowstones. There is one thing certain visiting Korinthia.

That you have hundreds of places to see and travel away.


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