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On the southeast section of Achaia and on the borders with Korinthia and Arkadia, Klitoria was already a famous trading center since 1830. The inhabitants organised every year a trading fiest that is known even in nowadays. Klitoria is a mountainous village built in a verdulous landscape with falling waters. You will find seve-ral water-mills which is indicative of the flourishness of the economy of the region. The lowland is very fertile and it provided goods to the territory around, same as today. There is an environmental training center here which was founded fifteen years ago. The center has guest houses and hostes schools, it has laboratories and gives away seminars to students and teachers. The center is near the city of Kalavrita, viewing the mountain Helmos and the mountains around. The cave Spileo Kastrion Limnon is not far away.The springs of Aroanio are found here and the river Ladonas which is the linking river between Achaia and Arkadia. It’s one of the most ancient rivers and according to mythology in this place many battles between gods took place. Ladonas as a personality was a dragon. It’s 60Klm long and its shape reminds of a snake. The source is found just before the village Likurgia and Pausanias said that it was the most beautiful river in Greece. Rafting, fishing and other kind of activities take place here and very known is the aquatic biotope in Ladonas. The territory also has a fish farm and the fish of the territory were known since antiquity, as Pausanias mentions that he had seen talking fish here, that sounded like birds. There is also the archeological location of Klitoras here. This city had 60000 inhabitants and was one of the first cities that cut current. You will find remainings of a theatre, parts of walls, Hellenistic and Roman buildings. Very important is the theatrical festival which is organised every summer. In Klitoria also stands the Pausanias Klima (vineyard) which is said that exists 3000 years and that Pausanias himself planted it. The sayings are nume-rous and it is said that even Hercules hunted here. The vineyard has been declared as protected monument of nature.

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