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Corfu is a real city manufactured from a big department for pedestrians that constitutes the historical centre which is described analytically in the department Old Town and a new department in which lives the bigger part of population of the island. The new department is a modern city with movement, noise, beautiful squares and naturally all the formal services of each city. There are various harbours, the new is big, where there reach boats from Italy and older harbours that are used still by piscatorial and other small ships as the one between the old fortress.
The city of Corfu does not have a beach but also there is a harbour and the airport and the waters are not very clean.
Corfu allocates network from buses that cover the urban line and the long distance line. Leave various itineraries daily to the tourist centres of the island. Still you can rent cars, jeep, motorbikes or bicycles in order to you move from your own independent in the island. Via sea leave boats for Igoumenitsa, Patra, and to the remainder islands around from Corfu that is Paxoi, Antipaxoi, Vido, Pontikonisi.
Corfu as city possibly does not constitute the suitable locality in order for you to stay if you having to your mind the many coastal localities of the island. However for those who wish to stay in the city for the various comforts that it offers, there are enough hotels and in old and in the new city.
Corfu has in the historical centre and in the new centre shops of all kinds and services as banks and posts. In the old city are assembled the shops with souvenirs with formally staffs that are produced in the island.
In Corfu there are a lot of shops for night amusement, the cafeterias and the pubs are also found in the old city in innumerable narrow streets but also found in the new centre, at length of the harbour and in the old fortress. A walk and a dinner in one of the formal taverns of the city constitute the perfect evening for pairs or for families. Corfu is a romantic city in order for you to admire the sunset and enjoy walking more than a place in order for you to have fun in some night centres.
The OLD TOWN represents sure an important turning-point in the duration of your interruptions. The 3 surnames romantic, secular and mysterious is what describes that with the better possible way. Romantic with the narrow streets (kantounia) between tall buildings, the marble squares, the Venetican wells and the hidden courtyards which with the evening lights wrap the city with a charm of other years. It is secular, with the tourists that give life in the narrow streets (kantounia), in the shops and in the cafeterias that are expressed at length of Liston which is a crossbow long gallery in front of the Spianada. Mysterious because to you it will appear that you are lost between the thousand ramifications that lead to the old stone houses… and still more mysterious with the visit in the two imposing fortresses that delimit the city. You discover old Corfu it means to dive in the old town and turn it over, you search with curiosity in innumerable little shops to be drifted from the peculiar charm of houses and perfumes that come out from the taverns. The difference of old city of Corfu with the remainder island is that it is not revealed little by little, but it exhausts you with the beautiful sightseeing’s, with the chaotic and hospitable world, but also with her particular elegance. And all these happen under of the blue sky full from hundreds birds.
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