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is found in the centre of Eastern side of the island and is one of the ancient Municipalities in the island and one of the oldest in Greece. It was legally established in the Union of seven island (Eptanisa) 6 January 1866, but exists from 1912 with 261/31-8-1912 OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE HELLENIC REPUBLIC. In 1997 the Municipality Kerkyra was characterized "Kapodistriakos" and thus in the frames of law 2539/97 "Drawing I. Kapodistria" was extended the limits of Municipality and was included the former communities Fox (alepou), Europouloi, Channels (kanalia) (Municipal Apartments Kerkyra). The built-up units that include are the city of Corfu, the Undertaking(analipsi), the Canon(kanoni),mouseisland (pontikonisi), the Fjgareto, the Army(stratia), the Gouvia, the Kontokali , the mrs Hrisikoy, the River, the Temploni as well as the islands Vido and Lazareto.

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Is the biggest in population Municipality of island, with 40.000 roughly residents (inventory 2001: 39.847). It is economic, administrative and commercial centre of island because in the limits of the island are assembled the 54% of activity in secondary sector, the 51% of shops in tertiary sector and the 94% of services of Public Sector. It is also the main gate of entry because in this municipality are found the harbour and the airport of island. The structure of the total built-up of city of Corfu presents a particular geographic and historical dynamic. It is distinguished in "inside the walls" historical city and in the new city that is developed parametrically roughly 4 kilometres, with the characteristic traits of a modern city. The "live monument", the Old City of Corfu is locally known for her layout in continuous system, with big heights and narrow streets (kantounia), because the existence of walls parametrically. Her architecture is influenced mainly from the period of Venetian domination (1386-1797) and there is assembled the bigger part of cultural heritage of the island.The Central Municipality shop (Square Michail Theotokis) is accommodated in one of the most representative samples of Venetian architecture buildings. It was starting building in 1663 and finishes in 1693 from unknown architect. It is from stone Sinion in Reborn rythm
In the building existed sometimes the Gallery of Noble (Luoggia Nobili) and later was used as club of officers of Venetian fleet. In 1717 were changed in theatre of 350 individuals and were named San Giacomo. The theatre Of Corfu was from the first European theatres that went up representations of opera. From 1903 it was changed in Town hall with drawing of mechanic Serpieri, where it has also the same use as today. In the Central Municipality shop are accomodated the office of Mayor of Corfu, the President of Municipal Council, the semipresidents’s and the economic Department.

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