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The village

19 km from the city of Zakynthos is found this small village right in the south-western part of Zakynthos and is placed in the gulf with turquoise waters. Concretely the Candle (Keri) is separated in 2 parts: the beautiful, over-populated village that is found on a green hill and the other that is said "Lake of Candle" and is found in the gulf of the Candle(Keri), the beach and the small harbour. Despite the increase of the tourists in the region and specifically in the lake, the residents of Candle (Keri) mainly deal with the agriculture. They cultivate olives and vineyards and produce a unique quality of oil and wine. The main characteristic of the first part are old, stone houses and narrow streets. The old houses survived of the devastating earthquake 1953 and thus now are exhibits of local architecture. 1 mile beyond the village in the end of abrupt rock and 300 metres above from the sea is found the lighthouse of Candle (Keri). For more than one century this lighthouse guides and supervises the boats and the ships. The view from there can also cut your breath. There is a rocky landscape, cut like a knife-rock and the abrupt coasts of Ionian causing awe in the visitor. From this point, you can admire one from the most beautiful sunsets from everywhere in the entire Greece. The other part, the "Lake of Candle", took his name from the lake that existed here from the old years and is 4 km from the village. Today, the lake has not water. The harbour that is found in the "Lake" entertains small boats that make the tour of the island and is considered ideal shelter for the ships of the visitors. From the beach of Candle you can rent a small boat in very low price or ask some small boats in order for you to go to the Marathonisi, the beach of Marathia and to the Blue Caves. The Marathonisi is found precisely opposite by the Candle and it has rich vegetation, sandy beaches with hospitable caves and blue, crystal waters that they will make you feel that you are found the paradise. The golden sandy beach has been chosen by the turtles Caretta-Caretta as shelter in order to giving birth their eggs.  The islet belongs in the gulf of Laganas, which is said National Marine Park. The beautiful beach of Marathias with deep, blue, crystal waters is the ideal choice for those who do not want busy beaches. Splendid is also remarkable "Kamares" of Maracthias. These are arches that are shaped by the rocks above by the sea and from under the boats are sailing. Far from the beach of Marathias are found the Blue Caves in order for you to visit only with boat. This side of candle is a splendid part for those who they deal with the dives. Not very far from the Caves there are 2 tall, white rocks that are raised above from blue, crystal waters and shape the Cape Mizithra, which attracts a lot of people. After this point, the waters and the nature become wild. The Candle is really a unique part that combines fantastic the natural beauty with the heat hospitality, the green mountains with blue, Crystal Sea, the relax with the absolute amusement. Your visit in the Candle will be an unforgtable experience. The nature and the love plays music here and even in our days is popular and in the newer generations.


The beach

The colour of the water between the beach changes colour in aquamarine with silver reflections from the light of the sun. The beach of Candle(Keri) with the small pebbles has relaxing beds and umbrellas for renting and near there are taverns and is ideal for small and big people because of her heat waters. In the beach you can rent in low price small boats, bicycles of sea and canoe in order for you to explore the near coasts. All the region of Candle belongs in the gulf of Lagana that is said National Marine Park because there live the Caretta-Caretta. This has as a result the Candle being characterized as an area of maintenance where the jet skis are prohibited and mechanically-driven ships are allowed only under conditions.  From the beach of Candle you can rent in low price small boats in order for you to visit the Marathonisi and the Blue Caves.  The Marathonisi, precisely opposite from the beach of Candle(Keri), has beaches with rich sand and friendly caves, as well as crystal, blue waters that they will make you feel that you are found in the paradise. The beach with the golden sand has been chosen by the turtles as shelter in order to giving birth their eggs and for this the evening it is prohibited the passage of the people. The beautiful coast of Marathias with the pebbles and the deep, blue, crystal waters are the ideal choice for those who they want to relax far from the busy beaches, renting or not umbrellas and relaxing beds. Also, there are certain small, sandy and lonely beaches that you can visit only with small boats.


How you are moved
Lake of Candle (Keri) is connected with Zakynthos with buses that, because the distance from the capital, they make only two ways daily while the weekend they do not move. You can however rent a car, motorbike or bicycle in order for you to move autonomously in the island. However there are not there means of transport, apart from taxi, that would connect Zakynthos or the Lake of Candle (Keri) with the mountainous Candle. From the Lake of Candle (Keri) you can rent a boat in order for you to go to the Marathonisi or in order to you visit the caves of Cape Marathia.


Where to stay.

The Candle (Keri) offers big variety in lodgings, from simple apartments in big stone houses that can accommodate even an entire family and offer all the comforts that someone would wait for his interruptions. It is very easy for you to find in good relation rooms with beautiful gardens and traditional architecture which is very separate while the local want to maintain their friendly style in the village. Here you will find everything that you should want to find in your house…in a long distance from your own house! That means that in this place of the island you will find great hospitality.


The shops

In the Candle (Keri) there are some mini markets and other shops, as bakeries and shops with goods of gifts, where in many of them you can find a variety of traditional home products or gently made with honey and almonds as the "nougat" and the "nougat with honey".


The amusement

The Candle (Keri) does not have a lot of cafeterias and there are not even bars and club. In the side that it looks into the sea, in the "lake" you can pass your evenings in the cafeterias that are open all day and are ideal for the visitors that want to relax and they enjoy the view of the blue sea and the astonishing east of the sun and the sunset. An alternative solution for your night amusement is to combine a tasty dinner in a tavern with live Greek music and plenty of dances.


Caves of Candle (Keri)

The caves of Candle (Keri) , in which you can reach with private ship or participating in a organised excursion, expand near in the cape Marathia, in the south-western side of the island. This piece of coast presents myriads of caverns, many with an entry that hardly it allows someone to pass by swimming, other with entry enough big in order for you to enter at straight line with boat.  It is very easy you approach the caves because the soil above them leads right vertical down to the sea and consequently the deep waters does not present particular difficulties in the coming. If you are visit the caves it is possible for you to stop for a dive and sun tanning in one of the small sandy beaches of Cape Marathia or you advance with the boat in order for you to admire the Mizithra. It is two rocky elevations very near in the steep coast that goes down vertically in the sea and with her shapes a small sandy beach from thin sand where you can reach only with boat. While you admire them you will observe that one of these two rocky elevations has an opening that you can cross it by swimming and that is lived by many seamen stars.


Beach with:  Pebble
Distance from the city Zakynthos: 
21 km
It is found in the region: 
Lake of Candle
It belongs in the Municipality: 
Geographic place: 
G. width: B 37, 41 - G. length: A 20, 5
Other near beaches: 
Marathias, Marathonisi
Other beaches in the same Municipality:
Agios Sostis, Kalamaki, Marathonisi, Porto Koukla, Laganas, Marathias,


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