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This is the real heart of amusement and of the night life of the island of Corfu. Kavos developed initially at length of the central road of the village, roughly three kilometres that leads up to the beach. While passing the years Kavos extended with fast rhythms and it is always suitable equipped for the new tourists that wish interruptions full of amusement. The village, that in the winter none of the residents stays there, characterized of a continuous consequence from hotels, evening centres, shops with souvenirs and supermarkets openly from the first morning hours up to late at the night, with target to satisfy each need of the visitors. Even the restaurants and the snack bars have big schedules. Loveable of the English under the thirty years, incurious for those that wants to pass interruptions that are characterized by calm.
Kavos is the most beloved destination of the English that fill the beach the day and the night. It is one of the busiest and active beaches and villages of island. The big beach of is constituted by sand, tourist equipped and suitable for children. There are snack bars precisely in the sea and marine sports in order to having fun in the water.
Kavos is connected with the centre of Corfu with buses that make a lot of daily itineraries. Also there are a lot of shops with renting cars, jeeps, motorbikes or bicycles in order to move from your own autonomously in the island. There are organised excursions for the islands Paxoi and Antipaxoi and for Albania.

Kavos is a village of intermediate dimensions that offers various solutions of stay such like the big number of hotels with swimming-pool, apartments and studios and there is also a camping.
There are a lot of shops that are found in Kavos and of all kinds as supermarkets, confectioneries, shops that sell souvenirs, jewellery shops, optical, drugstores and also a lot of others. There are also the bars and the taverns at length of the central streets.
Kavos is a synonym of amusement, and if in the other villages afterwards the hour two at the night it is difficult for you to dance and drink with your company here is not. There are disco and pumps in two floors that you can pass your evening hearing music. The restaurants are with English and international cook even if there are also some Greek foods, sure Kavos it is not also the ideal place in order to you find the traditional Greek cook.
kavos beach
Typology: sand
Dimension:  very big length more than 3 kilometres of beach
Equipment:  umbrellas and relaxing beds to rent 
Activities: there are centres for marine sports in the beach apart from the renting of bicycles of sea and boats
Restaurants:  in the beach there is a big variety of restaurants, fast food and bar with international menu. 
Description:  Kavos is the most beloved destination of the English that fills the beach day and night and it constitutes one from the beaches and the villages with the bigger rush of the island. The sandy beach is tourist equipped and because of the shallow waters is suitable for the childrens.
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