Villas and Traditional house in Katalagari
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The Katalagari located at the northwestern side of our Municipality. Built in the eastern foot of the hill Kefala. It borders with the ferrets, the Peza, the Municipality of Kalloni and Archanes. It has an altitude of 420 meters from the sea and away from Heraklion 17 km.

According to the census of 2001 has 312 residents.

The name of the village, according to tradition has to do with the word «account» means treasure. Should be called Old Dutch Logaras (although it was built higher than there is today), then the composition of two words came Katalagari name.

Another tradition says that the name of the village came from the verb «settle down», because it took the musts from the wine press in Katalagiari for katalagiasei and make wine.

The village is mentioned in a contract of 1271: «The widow Anggelou Vitali is in the Judaean Michali, 100 tors of wine vineyards in the village Katalagari».

In 1302, according to the contract of the notary Handaka Brixano, the infantry was Katalagari fiefdoms of Stephanus de Ancona.

In 1577 reported by the Fr.Barozzi as Catalagari, while by 1583 Kastrofylaka as Cattalagari. In 1630 the Basilicata Catalaghari as indicated by 28 charatsa

The Egyptian census of 1834 reported as Katalagari to 16 Christian families. The 1881 refers to the Holy City Paraskies with 115 Christians and 12 Turks inhabitants. The 1900 is in the same municipality in 1920 is based rural municipality with 256 inhabitants. The 1928 refers to ferrets to 289 community residents and in 1940 the seat Katalagarion homonymous community.

South of the village is Paliohora, with the ruins mesaonikou castle, called Castle and built, Nikiforos Fokas say when liberated Crete from the Arabs in 961 AD
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