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Katakolo : Katakolo is a picturesque seaside village, it is found in westwards of the Prefecture of Ilia and abstains 12 kilometres from Pirgos and 37 kilometres from Ancient Olympia. It's a small village with about 600-700 habitants. Most of them are fishermen but there are a lot of merchants too, because this port is one of the main stops for a big amount of cruise ships. Sea and mountain surroundings are the main background of Katakolo, known for its old lighthouse which was built in 1865, (45metres height) and for the first railway line in 1882.
A big part of not only its safe harbour but also the same city is wetted by waters of Ionian. It is a coastal town with relatively developing tourist infrastructure. It is built in the place of Ancient Feias. One kilometre and a half northern of Katakolo is extended the beach of Saint Andrea, where exist the ruins of the powerful in the years of Fragokratia of the medieval castle. Katakolo is famous for its beach with the enormous sandy beach, the view of which gives it a tropical sense. Katakolo is considered as the second more important harbour of the region afterwards Kyllini, from where the producers of raisin managed to export the grape to the Western Europe. The harbour lost its importance when was decreased the interest for the grape, remained however there old storages of raisin that today, renovated, has been changed in restaurants and cafeterias.
The beach behind the harbour of Katakolo the last years was upgraded with a sequence of interventions that became from the harbour fund and offers except its picturesqueness with artificial and natural rocks that surrounds it, comforts of organised beach. It is characterized for deeply clean waters but also for an “oasis of” dew in the coast from the refreshment stand that remains open until late in the evenings. Behind Marina of Katakolo is extended the sandy beach that reaches as far as Kiparisia and locally differs as for the depth of its waters. The sandy beach in the Pirgo is distinguished for its levelled coast, the possibility that offers to be developed at the same time marine sports from the bathers, while they are surrounded  by famous taverns and cafeterias that give tropical sense in the region. When someone refers to the sandy beach of Katakolo includes even the seasonal settlements as: Alkyona, Azure Coast, Asteria and Kabouri. In the region of Katakolo-Saint Andrea, 20 kilometres from Olympia, you can discover beautiful beaches and small friendly creeks, in order to enjoy the sun and the sea. In the various shops and bars that are nearby the wave you can enjoy your coffee or frozen ouzo and beer with delicious marine appetizers.

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