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Kastro : Kastro is a town located fifteen kilometres west of the GR-9 between Lechena and Andravida. The distance from Patras is 76 kilometres south-westerly. Its neighboring communes are Kyllini and Kato Panagia to the north, Neochori and Machos to the east, and Lygia to the south. Its nearest beach is Melissa Beach to the west. The famous Kyllini spas are two and a half kilometres north-easterly. The town of about 800 people lies close to the peak of a slightly forested hill. The town has a school, a church, a square and a post office. Much of the community is covered with groves and forested with a hilly setting. Most of the arable land is mixed and lies to the east of the town.
The most notable sight is the Chlemoytsi  in the village Kastro (Castle) of Municipality of Kyllinis, in the westerner cape of Peloponnese. As it is built in the top of the hill, it dominates in the plain of Ilia. The castle was founded in 1220-1223 from the souvereign Godefreido Billeardouino the First and it constituted the most powerful fortress of occidental principality of Achaia that knew particular bloom at the season of Billeardouino. In order to manage to realise the manufacture of it Godefreidos came in conflict with the catholic clergy of Achaia and he used the revenues for its construction. The new castle was named by the founders of Clermont, in the Greek at alteration as Chlemoytsi, while the Venetians later named it as Castle Tornese because it was considered erroneously that here was found the occidental mint of Torneses . Built in strategic position, with extensive view in the plain of Ilia and in Ionian Sea, protected the capital of the princedom of Andrabida and the important harbour of Glarentzas.
Afterwards the death of Goulielmos the Billeardouino follows a period of agitations, bursts out intense conflicts for the succession in the hegemony and progressively the principality is led to the decline. Chlemoutsi becomes object of claims between various noble. In this place is jailed and dies the Margaret of Akoba, because was considered as a person in charge for the assertion of Molecules (Morias) from Ferdinardo of Magiorkas and the arrival of Catalans that occupied the castle in 1315. Chlemoytsi is reoccupied by the Franks and it remains in their possession up to the beginning of 15th century, when it passed in the hands of Karolos Tokkos, the earl of Kephalonia and Despot of Epirus.
In 1427 devolved peacefully to Constantine Palaiologos, afterwards his marriage with the daughter of Tokkos and used it as his military and administrative centre. In 1460 the castle was occupied by the Turks and in 1867 by the Venetians that kept him in their possession until 1715, when returned in the hands of Turks. It appears however that Chlemoutsi has begun to lose his important role in the defence of region, already from the end of Fragocracy. In 1701 Grimani proposes its destruction. its place did not serve the interests of Venetians, that were related with the sea, while the already old castle required extensive work for the repair and his modernisation. Chlemoytsi remained in the possession of Turks up to the Revolution 1821. Important destruction suffered at his bombardment of a part of it in 1826 from Impraim that destroyed a tower of internal grounds and the wall near to this, implying that the castle played some role at the Greek Revolution
Today Chlemoytsi continues maintaining his intense Frankish character. From  the later conquerors only the Turks appear to be interested  for his modernisation and made a small  work in extent, mainly for the adaptation in the use of fire-arms. Thus the castle remains one of the most important and in a good state of preservation fortresses of Greece and constitutes exceptional sample of its alcazared architectural of the years of Fragocracy in Peloponnese

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