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Karavostasi-Itilos : 80 klm south of Sparti, near the cove of Limenio and at an altitude of 240m we find Itilos. This city-as mentioend to inscriptions- was inhabited by a community of people who were called “perioiki” (meaning free people who weren’t sodiers or slaves) since 800BC. Homer in Iliada mentions that Itilos was one of the towns Menelaos ruled.

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Brazzo Di Maina 

Near Gythio the ground is semi-mountainous and near the west side semi-low landious. On the east the mount of Sagias is standing, while on the north the last hills of Taygetus.

Karavostasi Itylo Laconias 

The coastline is expanding widely and the coves of Limenio, Diros, Spathari, Lagadaki, Mezapu, Gerolimenas and the cape of Tenaros belong to the municipality of Itilos
The place is known for the production of olive-oil, but the main reason to visit Itilos apart from the coastline is the ancient city, the ruins of which and traces of the ages of Homer were discovered at the center of today’s city. The various architectural styles are accredited to the temple of Sarapidas (mentioned by Pausanias) along with the wooden statue of Apollo of Karneus which was standing at the center of the city as a protector. The weird thing going on with this city is that though we have information about the ancient years, it seems as if it was evacuated during the Byzanti-ne Empire. The next record for the town is referring to 1461 when it was submitted to the Ottomans as the whole of Peloponnisos, apart from the Venetian posession and Monemvasia. Do visit the ancient city, you will feel a part of that era.



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