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On the mountainous section of Achaia and 36Klm from Diakofto
Kalavrita ,Greece
you will reach Kalavrita through the route that follows the line of Vuraikos gorge. Builted at an altitude of 750m this historical town on the hills of Helmos was once the ancient city Kythena that was destroyed by the Etolus in 220BC and extinguished in the years that followed after constant battles. During the time the Franks dominated the territory it was a base. In the years that followed it was liberated with the help of the neighbouring city Mystras. At the time of the Revolution it was destroyed twice and managed to stand again and become up to nowadays a very important town. During the second World war the nazi exterminated all of the male inhabitants. Huge rocks, small
Achaia Greece,Kalavrita
valleys, the Zachloru vil-lages are few of the what you will see on your way to Kalavrita. Visit the monastery of Megalo Spileo (Big Cave) which is built at an altitude of 924m curved on the mountain. The monastery has eight floors, was built during the 4th century AC by two monks and is of the most known in Greece. In the monastery the image of Panagia Chryso-spiliotissa is kept, one of Evangellistis Lucas works made of wax, perfume and mastic. There are also kept very important manuscripts dated since 1600AC and the murals on the walls. It was destroyed five times in total. In 840AC during the iconclasm, in 1460 and 1640 AC by the Ottomans, in 1934 by fire and in 1943 by the nazi. 17Klm away from Kalavrita you will find the exquisit cave named Spileo Limnom Kastrion, near the village Ka-stria. The characteristic feature in this cave is the three different levels which remind of three floors extending in three levels that each have lakes. In the past it used to be underground river. There are counted thirteen lakes in the interrior of the cave the exlored length of which is 1900m, while the visitors have the chance of seeing only 500m because of the roughness of the ground. When the ice is melting every year the cave turns to an underground river with waterfalls and streams. At summertime when a part is dried up lacy stone surfaces come up and barriers that reach 4m high. If you visit Kalavrita during winter time, you will definitely go to the ski-center  
Following the dirtroad of Peristera. On your way you will find the waters of Styga, which according to my-thology were the law among the gods. Styga waters were sacred and the Olympian gods swore in this name and in the case they lied, they were punished. Styga was situated exactly at the entrance of Adis, the underworld. The wa-ters were poisonus for the mortals. Troughout the ages many recordings are saved referring to Styga. The location is standing at an altitude of 2100m and form waterfall of 200m falling in the river Krathi. You can reach it by car.



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