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The village
In the end of the gulf of Laganas there is a relaxing resort, the Kalamaki that is built in very close distance from the beach, in a small community hardly 7 km southern from the capital of the island.
The Kalamaki is an extension of the beach of Laganas with golden sand and crystal, spotless waters. The beach is sandy and protects the existence of the marine turtles.  The sand attracts a crowd of tourists at the duration of the summertime making Kalamaki popular and one of the bigger points of interruptions in Zakynthos.Separated from the Laganas with one splendid and enormous pine, is the Kalamaκι developed almost entirely above in the central street? New hotels and restaurants, excellent included in around the hood, offer in the visitor each possible comfort. The last years opened also many snack bars and shops of tourist types, always with respect in the natural environment and in the near beach that because it is an extension of the beach of Laganas, is protected also this from the regulations that are in effect for the marine park.

The beach
Kalamaki is an extension of the gulf of Laganas with golden sand and clean crystal waters. There are relaxing beds and umbrellas for renting as well as taverns in very close distance of the sea. In the middle of the beach you will meet a lot of people but if you walk little so that you find points with less people you will see that in Kalamaki there is space for each one. The beach is sandy and provides protection in the marine turtles Caretta-Caretta.  The season of reproduction of turtle coincides with the season of interruptions. At the duration of July and August the female turtles come out in the coast in order to giving birth their eggs 50 centimetres under the surface. The heat sand protects the eggs and the babies’ turtles come out from the sand 8 weeks later walking to the moon tanning sea. For this reason in this beach when you want to make all the usual things, as rent bicycles of sea, umbrellas, relaxing beds and canoe, you should be careful particularly so that you do not bother the turtles. In the parts that are found nests you should not place umbrellas, neither digging or lean the babies’ turtles. The mechanically-driven ships and jet skis are prohibited. Also is prohibited your eve in the sea at the night. At the duration of the day however there are a lot of boats with glass floor so that you can see the turtles in the sea. At the length of the coast getting place frequent itineraries with boats in order for you to visit removed beaches. Make a tour with a boat from the Laganas as the Marathonisi where the sandy beach is a ground of reproduction for the Caretta-Caretta.

How to move
There is frequent transport to the city of Zakynthos. Also you can rent car, jeep, motorbikes or bicycle in one of the lot of companies of renting. There is also station taxi in the beginning of the central street of Laganas.

Where to stay.
Kalamaki has mediocre extent and offers various solutions of stay as hotels, apartments, studios of all kinds and for each requirement. There are regions which are quieter and other in the centre of amusement where you can pass the interruptions according to your wishes.

The shops
Here there is everything you will need in the Kalamaki. Markets of exchange, bakeries, shops with souvenirs and goods of gifts, jewellery shops and shops with leather types where you will find almost everything you need. In many of the shops with goods of gifts you will find hand made gifts, as jewels, leather types, bags, miniatures of Caretta-Caretta, ceramic types until gently made with honey and almonds said "nougat" and "nougat with honey".

The amusement
The night life here is calm comparatively with the Laganas even if there is a big range from restaurants and cafeterias in order for you to choose. But the boiling hot point of amusement is found near in the city of Zakynthos, the Laganas, where there are innumerable bars and clubs that plays all the types of music and makes splendidly cocktails.

Beach with:  Sand 
Distance from the city Zakynthos: 8 km 
It is found in the region: Kalamaki
It belongs in the Municipality:  Laganas 
Geographic place: G. width: B 37,44 -  G. length:  A 20,54 
Other near beaches: Saint Sostis, Laganas, Porto Koukla 
Other beaches in the same Municipality: Saint Sostis, Laganas, Lake of Candle(Keri), Marathias, Marathonisi, Porto Koukla

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