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 Kaiafas : The region of Kaiafas Lake includes whatever better and more beautiful allocates the nature. More concretely it is constituted by a wider space that includes medicinal Sources of Spa therapy and hydrotherapy, the Lake of extent of 1500 acres, the Pinewood of Strofilias surface of roughly 1500 acres, the sandy coast of length of 4 Kilometres and the hypertext of this Lake department of the mountain Lapitha. The above constitute a marvellous and unique ecosystem, because they combine mountain with lake, forest with sea and have been declared as a Landscape of Particular Natural beauty. The lake was shaped by the big seismic vibrations that were marked the 6th after Christ of century and had as consequence the subsidence of ground and shaping of lake and cast of mountainous volumes that shaped the rocky shaping from the place “key” to Eastern.
The rained from Ionian Sea, prefecture of Ilia allocates exceptional beaches with thick sand that attract many tourists every summer. In the whole coastal road there exist splendid cities, built in the rich plain. We find here a lot of pinewoods and exceptional spa such as that of Kyllini, of Kourouta, of Kaiafas Lake, that are tourist exploitable. For all those that have ships they have the opportunity to visit the ports of Kyllini and that of Katakolo and can also visit Zakynthos that is found near. Westwards of the main city of the prefecture, you will find one of the most important archaeological regions not only in Greece but in the whole world, the ancient Olympia, where in the ancient years it was the place where the famous Olympic fights were celebrated. It is here, where each four years, with the help of Greek helium, the Olympic flame turns on and travels in the city that entertains the Olympic fights.
The waters of the spa of Kaiafas Lake are ideal for dermal diseases, asthma, arthritics and hepatic diseases. The visitors of Kaiafas Lake enjoy their hydrotherapies, in a very beautiful landscape, with pines and eucalyptuses and in that way enjoy interruptions of calm and relaxation far from the stress of the city. The medicinal sources of Kaiafas Lake attract a lot of visitors all the time and constitute important source of tourism in the region. The hydrotherapy in these baths is considered as one of the most effective and it plays important role in the life of residents but also in the life of the visitors of Kaiafas Lake, that come from the all around the world, in order to enjoy moments of relaxation and invigoration. The hot waters of this spa, spring from the cavern of Nymphs Anigrides where according to the mythology was given birth to Dardanos, ancestor of Trojans. The waters were known for their therapeutic attributes, from the ancient years. Their medicinal capability, the ancient attributed to the nymphs that lived in the forests of the region, and for that reason they had embellished them with temples and holy monuments to their honour. In the lake of Kaiafas apart from the medicinal spas, the visitor can deal with marine sports and marine ski. Here exist the installations for the practice of the Greek team of marine ski. The beauty of this landscape at that corner of Ilia could not be anything else but a very beautiful and dreamed, worthy to what the legends and the fable that surrounds him tell.
The operation of the spa is closely connected with the history of this place. Our ancestors in the Antiquity were of the firsts that used the spas, for medicinal Aims. This is reported by Ancient Greek doctors, sightseers, geographers. Specifically for the medicinal sources of Kaiafa, a big report is made by Stravon and Pafsanias. Stravon, passed from the Region few years before the birth of Christ (14 before Christ) and writes about it in the capital H’ of his geographies. Also Pafsanias that passed from Kaiafa between the years 160 and 173 after Christ reports in Solar of Greece, tours relatively to the river Anigros that goes down from the Mountain of Lapitha is poured in the sea near to Samikos and that the water is smelly. In addition he speaks for the Cavern of Nymphs of Anigrida that is not far from the river and that his water cures the illnesses of veal skin. Today does not exist a river but in the place of it, there is a graphic Lake that supplements the beauty of the whole landscape. After the interval of Byzantine years and Ottoman domination we have none information about the medicinal Sources. Afterwards the release of Greek State begins again the use of the spas of Kaiafa at primitive however way, while their systematic operation begins from 1907, when was manufactured the railway line that gave the possibility of communication with Kaiafas Lake. From the decade 1960 the spa belong to the Hellenic Tourist Organization and it function with his surveillance, while earlier the exploitation was in the hands of private individuals.

The location of Kaiafas Lake on the National Road and Railway Network and his neighbouring with important Archaeological places, as Ancient Olympia, Ancient Basses, Epicurean Apollo, Pilos etc, the exceptionally marvellous beach of length of 4 kilometres with spotless waters, the extensive sandy coast, the marvellous pinewood of Strofilias, give important advantages for the attracting of many visitors. In that way it can be developed apart from the medicinal Tourism, Seasonal Tourism, Tourism of third age etc on the condition that will be created the suitable infrastructure. It is underlined that Kaiafas Lake is in point of fact a diamond of nature that is hidden still in his medicinal Mud and does not shine in order that his value imposes him, from the make that up to now it has not been developed, so that it is elected as a big spa place with international scope, depending on his awesome Natural Landscape and his big Therapeutic Attributes. It is marked that in the past few year exists serious investment interest of Private Initiative for the Exploitation of Kaiafas Lake and the implementation of serious developmental program, with work of protection of the incomparable ecosystem.
The lake on many centuries it existed marvellous vivarium which is enriching and continues be enriched from big quantities of fishes from the sea Ionian via the channel Boukas He existed important and rich hunting field with aquatic birds. The lake today has different mission from that of the past because it has such natural dimensions that can be developed athletically and constitute an Athletic Centre with many and various liquids sports. The main advantages that presents the Kaiafas Lake for athletic exploitation are: It has dimensions such (2500 metres length and 450 metres width) that corresponds, according to the experts in requirements of Olympic dimensions for oaring track and in particular without to offended the awesome Natural Environment. The geophysical form around the Lake of Region (tall mountain, trees) protects it from undesirable winds, while the very soft climatic conditions that prevail in the region the wintry period allow the utilisation of oaring track, for preparations of the athletes of Rowing of Greeks and Foreigners it the winter.. In the Kaiafas lake  have become in past (1986 and 1987) trainings of National teams canyoning - Kayak of Poland and Bulgaria that created most excellent impressions, while the summer of 1997 were carried out with success the fights of 51st Pan European Championship of Marine Ski, with attendance of 24 countries and 110 athletes between them  were also world champions.

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